Finding nutritious, low calorie snack options that are gluten-free can be a difficult prospect when trying to lose pregnancy weight.
If you are sensitive to gluten or suffer from coeliac disease, there are many snack options to include in your healthy eating plan that are suitable for your dietary needs.
These 7 low calorie, snack ideas are healthy, provide nutritional benefits and don’t contain gluten so can be included in your diet if you have to avoid gluten.

As a general rule, try to stay away from packaged, processed gluten-free snacks options as while they may not contain gluten, they often contain high amounts of saturated fat, refined sugar and other additives.
Stick to naturally gluten-free foods like fresh fruit and vegetables, raw nuts, seeds and natural yoghurt.
1. Strawberries with Plain Greek Yoghurt & Almond Meal 
Simple take a punnet of strawberries, cut each strawberry in half and top with a small dollop of reduced-fat natural Greek Yoghurt and sprinkle a two tablespoons of almond meal on top for a sweet snack option that is high in calcium, fibre and vitamin C.
Estimated calories per serve: 155 (8 strawberry halves)

2. Wheat-Free Mixed Berry Muffins  Gluten free Berry muffin with oats

These simple-to-make muffins are made with almond meal instead of flour, so are gluten free. Sweetened with honey and fruit, they are free from refined sugar, making them a much more nutritious option that traditional muffins made with white flour, butter and white sugar.
Calories per serve: 224

3. Crunchy, Coconut Fruit Salad

This filling and nutritious fruit salad with a twist will keep you feeling fuller for longer with the addition of LSA, chia seeds and yoghurt.
Calories per serve: 234

4. Fruit & Nut Baked Apples

This warming, delicious snack option is naturally sweet thanks to the apple, date and cinnamon. A good after dinner snack option on a cold night, this recipe contains high amounts of fibre, antioxidants and Omega 3 fatty acids.
Calories per serve: 215

5. Lemon & Coconut Bliss Balls  Lemon-and-Coconut-Bliss-Balls

These gluten-free snacks are a favourite with adults and children alike. High in protein and low in calories, these bliss balls are a perfect replacement for chocolate bars, lollies and other popular processed snacks that offer no nutritional value.
Calories per serve: 151

6. Honey Baked Figs  honey baked figs

This super simple recipe can be made using only 4 ingredients, making it a quick, easy-to-prepare after dinner snack option that is naturally gluten-free.
Calories per serve: 170

7. Mini Frittata Muffins

These savoury snacks are made without flour, making them a great low calorie, gluten-free snack option for kids birthday parties, barbecues and other gatherings.
Calories per serve: 150
 Love The Healthy Mummy team xxx

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