breastfeeding_friendly_snacksThere’s no doubt about it, breastfeeding is a skill. It’s something that can take weeks, sometimes even months to master, and even once you’ve seemingly got the hang of it, you’ll sometimes find a spanner thrown in the works.
Milk supply is often one of a breastfeeding mothers’ primary concerns, especially in the early months of nursing. There are a number of factors that can impact your supply, with food intake being one of the easiest to recognise and amend.
A healthy diet is thought to be important to a healthy milk supply. Not eating enough can make it difficult for your body to produce the amount of milk required by your baby. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting enough nutrients (for you and bub) is by following a healthy diet and eating plan which includes regular meals AND healthy snacks.
It’s estimated that nursing mama’s need an extra 500 calories per day to ensure strong milk production and overall health. Including snacks in your diet is a great way of including those for extra calories in a healthy way, especially if you’re nursing and trying to lose baby weight at the same time.
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A quality snack should contain around 200 calories and include a balance of protein, carbs and good fats where possible.
Here’s our pick of the best for breastfeeding.

  1. Sweet Potato + Lentil Dip With Veggie Sticks – Red lentils are not only high in fibre and iron but believed to be an excellent lactogenic or ‘milk boosting’ food. Try our delicious Sweet Potato + Lentil Dip (recipe HERE) for a tasty, supply boosting snack.
    Serves 6 – Calories per serve – 135
  2. A handful of nuts – Almonds and cashews are said to be the best choice for boosting milk supply. Try a small handful of raw, unsalted nuts or spice things up with our Tamari Almond recipe (found HERE)
    Makes 20 serves – Calories per 20 almonds – 150
  3. Oat And Honey Slice – Oats are a great source of fibre iron and calcium and can give your supply a hefty boost. Try this delish Oat And Honey Slice (recipe HERE), Nutty Oat Bars (Recipe HERE) or a Healthy Mummy Smoothie with added oats (like this Banana, Oat and Honey version which you can find HERE)
  4. Green Goddess Dip – Green veggies, while packing a nutritional punch, have also been found to contain phytoestrogen which is believed to enhance lactation. Try our delicious Green Goddess Dip (recipe HERE) with veggie sticks or pita chips.
    Serves 6 – Calories per serve – 85
  5. A small tub of yoghurt – Yoghurt – A tub or small bowl of natural yoghurt (like Jalna) contains the dynamic duo of calcium and protein which are essential in high doses while breastfeeding. The probiotic or live cultures also found in yoghurt are great for keeping both your and you bub’s tummy healthy.
    100g of Jalna Fat Free Yoghurt contains 52 calories
  6. Lactation Cookies – A batch of homemade lactation cookies are the bees knees when it comes to boosting your supply. Combining known lactogenic ingredients like brewers yeast, oatmeal and ground flax, they’re a fabulous sweet but healthy treat. You can find our recipe for Healthy Lactation Cookies HERE.
  7. A small bowl of wholegrain cereal + skim milk – The combination of complex carbs, calcium and vitamins and minerals make this morning staple a great option for an afternoon snack. A 30g servings (2 biscuits) of Weet-Bix contains 107 calories.

Our Breastfeeding Friendly 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge has over 1400 delicious, healthy recipes including snacks. Grab your FREE recipe sampler by clicking here
full-day-samplerOr you can join the challenge directly here

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