healthy_eatingLet’s face it, most of us are fairly aware of what we should be doing in order to lose weight.
We need to be eating well – think fruit, veggies, lean meats, and wholegrains.
And we should try to exercise – from walking, swimming, Pilates, to dancing around the lounge room.
That’s the big picture.
But for some women it’s the little ‘in between’ things that see us come unstuck.
The sneaky biscuit with our morning cuppa, the lack of energy in the afternoon that sees us flopping on the couch instead of going for a walk, the healthy dinner that’s the same size as our partner (who may be a lot bigger and need more calories).
So today we have put together some of those little secrets that have helped some of the mums on Lose Baby Weight kick their results into high gear.
And who knows, maybe they will work for you too!

  • ‘I don’t leave home without a piece of fruit in my bag’

Something happens in your brain when you are hungry. For some of us that don’t have the strongest willpower, all sense of reason can be tossed out the window as we search for something to fill our hungry tummies.
You may be out and about and then – BAM – hunger strikes while you are walking past a bakery. The hunger triggers an ‘Oh why not grab a cake/pie/bun, I’m starving’ moment.
Instead of letting this happen to you, why not implement this little trick? Always – always – carry a piece of fruit in your bag with you.
Sometimes it can be the difference between making a great choice or a poor one.
It is so much easier to resist temptation when you can think to yourself ‘Hmm, I’m hungry, but it’s OK – I have a banana here that I can eat.’
And if you don’t eat it, that’s OK too. Think of it as your healthy food insurance policy!

  • ‘I only shop once a week’

Our mothers were right about not hitting the shops when hungry, as we tend to buy from an emotional rather than a rational point of view.
But as well as this, shopping just once a week means that you don’t have to face that emotional moment of walking past the biscuit / soft drink / dessert aisle more than you need to. The less times per week you have to visit the supermarket the better.
Keeping your kitchen well stocked with healthy food choices means you can relax knowing that there are plenty of options for healthy meals and snacks.

  • ‘I make a meal plan for the week for ALL meals and snacks’

This point relates to the one above in that the less decisions you have to make the better.
Remember you will get hungry at other times of the day too, so try planning for every meal, not just dinner.
Sit down and make a plan for the week, with all your meals and snacks covered. You can then make your shopping list from that. This also helps you to ensure you are getting a good range of food within the week.
What could a sample day on your plan look like? It could be as simple as:

When you get home with your healthy groceries, set aside some time to make a big batch of snacks for your week, such as some Pumpkin and Spinach Bites or our Chocolate and Raisin Protein Cookies. Package them up in plastic tubs that you can throw in your bag or grab and go from the fridge.
Whip up a big batch of soup or a hearty casserole and package that up into lunch size portions for your week.

  • ‘I make a point to be active for 15 mins, twice a day’

We understand how hard (OK, perhaps impossible) it is to set aside a full hour for exercise. That’s why we suggest breaking exercise down into manageable chunks that you can fit into your day.
For instance you might set your alarm early and get up to do some core exercises. Then in the afternoon while the kids have a snack or draw a picture you could do some squats, lunges and planks.
Depending on their age you can often involve your kids in your activity too, whether it’s walking to the park or taking the dog for a walk.

  • ‘I say YES to dessert – but only once a week’

At Lose Baby Weight we know that the ‘all or nothing’ approach is not really feasible (or much fun) for real women. It’s unrealistic to think that you will never have dessert again. But that’s not to say that you should be indulging every night.
Set aside a night where you can enjoy a delicious dessert with the family and really enjoy it. Try our Chocolate and Berry Mousse or our healthy apple crumble.
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