healthy_eatingDon’t let a drop in temperature mean your healthy lifestyle goes out the window. Check out our 12 tips for how to stay healthy in the cooler months.

  • You can still go walking – rug up and head outdoors for a brisk walk. The cool air will wake you up as it fills your lungs. Plus it will make the warm house seem even better when you get home.
  • Go easy on the starchy carbs – cooler weather doesn’t have to mean you eat your body weight in potatoes. There are lots of delicious veggies that you can use for slow cooked meals or casseroles, such as sweet potato, zucchini, yellow squash, pumpkin and eggplant.
  • Watch your portion size – when the weather cools down we do tend to eat more, so it’s important to be mindful of how much food you are putting on your plate before you sit down. It’s also good to pack away leftovers into the fridge for lunches so that you aren’t tempted to nibble after you’ve finished your meal. What does a healthy portion look like? Have a look over here.
  • Be mindful when grocery shopping – fill your home with healthy and nutritious food that will aid you on your weight loss journey. Remember that treats are best enjoyed in moderation, not every day. So if you know you can’t stop at one crumpet – don’t buy them.
  • Desserts can still be on the menu – it’s not about depriving yourself, but rather making it count. If you are trying to lose weight, dessert can be a treat rather than a nightly essential. Make something special from our dessert recipes and you know you won’t be undoing all of your hard work.
  • Enjoy your hot drinks – herbal tea is a great way to stay warm, hydrated and healthy. Check out our ideas for which are the best teas for weight loss over here.
  • Exercise indoors – don’t use the rain or wind as an excuse to sit on the couch all day. Grab an exercise DVD; have a dance with the kids; fit in some squats and lunges while you wait for the kettle to boil. Just keep moving.
  • Recruit your friends as your cheer squad – it can sometimes be tough to eat healthy food when dining out with friends or going to a dinner party. Don’t be afraid to let your pals know that you are trying to eat well. It might even inspire your friend to try and join you with a healthier option.
  • Get your soup on – when the mercury drops, that means it’s time to get a big pot of soup on the go. Fill up on healthy vegetables and tender cuts of meat that will keep you fuller for longer. Why not try our delicious Lamb Shank and Spiced Veggie Soup.
  • Swap out the comfort foods – if mashed potato is on your mind, you can always try some other healthier options such as pureed roasted carrots or mashed cauliflower which have substantially less calories than traditionally prepared mashed potato. We’ve also got a stack of healthy swaps over here.Comfort Eating Weight Loss Plan
  • Be aware of mindless grazing – if watching a movie generally means nibbling on snacks such as potato chips, it’s time to change the habit. Prepare some air popped popcorn or some healthy veggie chips so you can enjoy the film without overdoing it on the snacks.

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