healthy_eatingSometimes when you are trying to lose weight, it can be hard to kick bad habits.
For some people, tucking into a big bag of chips on a Friday night while watching a movie seems like a fairly harmless thing to do.
But we hope that when you see the calories, fat and salt content written out in black and white, it might stop you in your tracks.
As you’re about to see, these so called ‘snacks’ are not helping you on your weight loss journey.
Of course, this doesn’t mean a chip can never pass your lips again, but consuming them in moderation is the key.
One thing to take a look at is the ingredients list. A popular snack like Pringles has only 42% potato. So…what else is in there?
The rest is an unhealthy mix of flours, salt, sweeteners, MSG (also known as flavour enhancer 621), food starch, colours, additives and a lot more words that you and I probably won’t recognise.
MSG is a flavour enhancing food additive called monosodium glutamate. It activates your taste buds, making them more receptive to flavour. It also turns off the ‘I’m full’ switch in the brain, and makes you want to eat more. They weren’t lying when they said ‘once you pop you can’t stop.’
Next, take a look at the calories. A box of Cheezels has 1005 calories. That’s around 2/3 of the recommended daily amount of calories. I’m not saying you would always eat a whole box of Cheezels, but if you are mindlessly munching while doing something else like watching TV, it can be easy to over indulge.
Now think about the colours that they add to certain brands of chips. There’s nothing very natural looking about a packet of Twisties or Cheese and Bacon Balls is there?
When it comes to fat, this is where chips really come into their own. Many are around 1/4 fat by weight. That’s a lot of fat. While we need some healthy fats in our diet (such as that found in avocado and nuts) the fat in chips is not the good kind.
Salt is also a big component of potato chips. Here at Lose Baby Weight we aim for a daily consumption of sodium at around 1000mg. Many of the items below contain more than that on their own. Sodium causes fluid retention which can ultimately look like you’ve gained weight on the scales
Below we have a list of the main offenders and their corresponding stats. I bet you will agree that it would be hard to make an argument for adding these these crispy little fellas into a healthy eating plan.

A 150g can of Sour Cream and Onion Pringles contains:
  • 794 calories
  • 53g of fat
  • 1005mg of sodium
A 175g bag of Smiths Extra Crunchy Potato Chips contains:
  • 842 calories
  • 49.5g of fat
  • 949mg of sodium
A 175g bag of Doritos Corn Chips contains:
  • 908 calories
  • 47.3g of fat
  • 996mg of sodium
A 175g bag of Cheese Twisties contains:
  • 872 calories
  • 41g of fat
  • 1855mg of sodium
A 190g box of Cheezels contains:
  • 1005 calories
  • 58g of fat
  • 2320mg of sodium

So what can you do when you have a chip craving?
Try one of our healthy options such as these:

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