The Easter weekend has well and truly kicked off and if you’re on a weight loss or lifestyle overhaul journey at the moment, it’s fair to say that you might be starting to hear all those brightly wrapped chocolate eggs calling your name.  10 food free ways to indulge at eater
Even the most iron willed amongst us seems to falter when it comes to Easter celebrations.  All that chocolate floating around can be used as an excuse to overindulge and throw all your usual weight loss and healthy eating strategies out the window.
While enjoying one of your favourite eggs or bunnies with the kids on Sunday morning, or a delish lunch or dinner isn’t going to derail your weight loss.  Going overboard will not only give you a sore tummy, it’ll also heap on a big helping of guilt which can make it hard work to get back on track come Tuesday morning.
Sticking to your usual diet and including one of two treats is generally the best way to go. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to indulge AND reward yourself for the hard you’ve been putting in, without eating a dozen Cadbury Dairy Milk mini eggs!  Try downloading our FREE Easter Cookbook for some yummy chocolate alternative recipes.
You could also try one of these ideas to keep spirits high over the Easter break, without a single extra calorie in sight.  10 food free indulgences

10 food free indulgences

  • Download/buy a copy of a book you’ve been meaning to read and set aside an hour to curl up and dive in.
  • Splurge on a new bath oil or gorgeous scented candle for the bathroom, run a hot bath when the kids are in bed and soak for at least 20 minutes.
  • Whip up a DIY face mask and apply to clean skin (check out our faves here)
  • Take the night off and order in a healthy takeaway. We’ve listed the best options here.
  • Put your feet up and get your partner to cook. There’s a whole bunch of family friendly, husband appropriate recipes here.
  • Hit the kitchen and try out one of our fave healthy dessert recipes. You can have your cake (or slice, or pudding) and STILL lose weight!
  • Get your partner on board and hand over the kids while you go for a solo walk or try out a yoga or pilates class. Gentle exercise is a great way to indulge your body AND mind.
  • Curl up on the couch with a huge mug of tea (try one of these for their health and weight loss benefits) and catch up on all your favourite blogs/websites.
  • Round up the family and have an at-home movie afternoon or evening. Make it a real movie experience by serving air popped popcorn, healthy AND yummy.
  • Request a SLEEP IN… the ultimate busy mum indulgence.

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