Healthy_takeaway-dietHow many times a week do you think, “it would be so easy to just order a take a away” or on a Saturday night say to yourself, ‘it’s Saturday, let’s get a take away”? Take Away is a huge convenience and I too am guilty of picking up the take out menu as cooking and cleaning up seems too hard work on some days. So do all Take Out foods spell DISASTER for our weight loss plan or are there some healthy options we can go for without ruining the weekly weigh in results?
The answer is YES and you can still have take out whilst following the Lose Baby Weight plan – you just need to be careful on the choice you make as the vast majority of take away food is drenched in bad fats and oils but the good news is that when exhaustion has set in and refused to leave you can order – guilt free – and have no washing up to do that night – BLISS.
What are the good options when ordering and what should you steer clear of?
Chinese food
Opt for lighter dishes that have high vegetable content and go for noodles such as Singapore noodles which are not so heavy.
There are also a variety of great stri fry option on a chinese takeaway menu with fresh veggies and fish or meat and don’t contain fatty sauces.  The foods to watch out for at the Chinese takeaway are any deep fried foods – so steer clear of anything cooked in batter and also choose steamed rice not boiled rice.
Indian food
Keep clear of pappadoms and samosas which are full of calories, grease and saturated fat.  Instead go for options for food that has been cooked in the Tandoor oven, like tikka, or tandoori that don’t come in a creamy sauce. Don’t order dishes which have sauces as they are usually full of cream, butter and oil such as masalas, vindaloos and kormas. And opt for steamed rice not the fried rices and keep away from the naan breads which have a high fat content.
Italian food
Opt for foods in a tomato or vegetable sauce and avoid any creamy or cheesy sauce and order salads over garlic bread which is dripping in high fat butter.
For pizza, always choose a thin crust with vegetable toppings and avoid the deep pan pizza’s with meat toppings.
Thai food
Thai can be a good option when following a weight loss plan and it can be a healthy choice. Stir frys and salads are a good option (just ask for the dressing on the side) and are full of veggies and lean protein.
Things to watch out for on a Thai  menu include any curry where coconut cream is used as it is very high in fat.
And a GREAT dessert idea is to make a really thick Lose Baby Weight smoothie with lots of ice so it is more like a sorbet and serve in bowls – YUM
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