weight_lossThere’s nothing quite as relaxing as sitting down with a steaming hot cup of tea after a long day (added bonus if you get to enjoy the whole thing uninterrupted!)
Brewed beverages like tea can make an excellent addition to your diet when trying to lose weight. This is largely due to the effect they have on your appetite (cravings and/or hunger can sometimes actually be thirst) and their ability to fill your tummy. They also tend to be almost calorie free, especially if you choose a herbal variety!
If you’ve ever wandered down the tea and coffee aisle of your local supermarket, it’s likely you’ve been bowled over by all the choices available. Traditional teas sit side by side with fruit tisanes and herbal varieties, making the choice of what to sip, a tricky one.
As it happens, not all tea’s are created equally. Some varieties are actually better for weight loss, with properties that can help speed up your metoblism and encourage the body to burn fat. Sipping on a cup of one of these types at morning and afternoon tea might be just what your body needs to kick its weight loss efforts up a notch.
Try adding one of these brews to your diet and healthy weight loss plan.

  • Green tea – The benefits of green tea are widely reported and range from helping to prevent cance and support the immune system, to promoting weight loss. Studies have shown that freshly brewed green tea has the capacity to increase our metabolism to help burn more calories through the day, while also boosting our bodies ability to oxidise fat.
  • Spearole tea – This special blend of  green, olive leaf, grape seed and black teas has had some impressive results when it comes to promoting weight loss and fat burning. The compounds in this blend have been found to have signficiant anti-inflammatory properties, and as inflammation is a key indicator for weight gain and obesity, anything that can prevent it is a good thing.
  • Oolong tea – This tea is reported to possibly outstrip even green tea for fat burning benefits, due to its semi-fermented, potent nature. A cup of oolong is said to inhibit the absorption of fats and simple carbs, while also lowering cholesterol.
  • Peppermint tea – Moving away from the green and black varities, peppermint tea is also privvy to some pretty impressive health benefits. Anyone who has suffered heart burn can vouch for the soothing effect a cup of peppermint tea can have on the digestive tract so it should come as no suprise that this tea promotes healthy digestion which can help burn calories more efficiently.
  • Black tea – The humble black tea leaf is also a weight loss winner due to the high levels of a compound called theaflavins that it contains. Theaflavins help combat the absorption of fat from our diet, making them a great addition to a weight loss plan.
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