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January 11, 2016      

Chocolate & Almond Pudding

We LOVE chocolate and we love it even more when our recipe team come up with a healthy recipe for a chocolate pudding! And this one is from the January 28 Day Challenge and is super easy and tasty! If …


January 2, 2016      

Motivating Mum Cat Christ Shares Her Tips On Reducing Your Kids Sugar Intake

Cat Christ has been using our plans and products which has helped her to lose 30kg and she has been motivating us along the way.  Today she is sharing her tips on how she has reduced her kids sugar intake. …


December 28, 2015      

Sneak Peek Of The January Belly Buster Challenge

For many of us, the mummy tummy is our biggest concern when it comes to body image. Sure, it might make sense that our stomach doesn’t look like it did before children came along. But that doesn’t mean we can’t …


December 28, 2015      

Asian Chicken Noodles

Good news – this DELISH recipe is a sneak peek of one of the recipes from the Belly Busting 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge and the whole menu has been designed with ingredients to specifically LOSE TUMMY FAT! And if …

Creamy Spaghetti

December 25, 2015      

Turkey Leftover Recipes

Once Christmas day is over if your house is anything like my house then you will be over run with turkey and you may be struggling to make tasty and healthy recipes to use up your turkey. Well the good news …


December 25, 2015      

Leftover Christmas Ham Pizza

Here’s a great weight loss recipe that is a handy way to use up the mountains of Christmas ham that you will most likely have left over on Boxing Day. Pizza is a great way to use up leftovers – …


December 23, 2015       1 Comment

Healthier Rum Balls

There are some foods and drinks that are quintessentially Christmasy, and rum balls have to be up there on the list with mince pies and egg nog. There are so many ways to make your Christmas favourites in a healthier …

Bread and butter pudding

December 23, 2015      

Ash’s Healthy Bread and “Butter” Pudding

Another amazing recipe creation from Motivating Mum Ash Petroff that you can enjoy WITHOUT GUILT which is full of fibre and protein to help keep you fuller for longer while losing baby weight. Ash says: “This recipe is quick and …

Banana Nut Healthy Mummy Smoothie Recipe

December 19, 2015      

Banana Nut Healthy Mummy Smoothie Recipe

Motivating mum Ash Petroff LOVES her Healthy Mummy Smoothies. They are free of all caffeine, fructose, accelerants, fillers, artificial ingredients, gluten & dairy. They contain whole foods and are used by 10,000’s of mums every day, plus are recommended by Nutritionists …


December 15, 2015      

5 Healthy Christmas Canapes

Canapés. It’s a word that can strike fear into the heart of anyone trying to lose baby weight or watch their waistline this festive season. It seems wherever you go during party season, you’re confronted with a heavily laden tray full …

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