If you are following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans as you try to lose pregnancy weight, you may find that you have started to think differently about food.
And not just for yourself, but for those little bundles of energy known as your kids, who seem to require food several times a day.
It’s so easy to fall into the habit of giving kids biscuits, ice creams, lollies or cake on a regular basis – especially when you are out at the supermarket or café.
Lose Baby Weight - Reducing Your Kid’s Sugar Intake
But the habit becomes a worry when you realise that the ‘treat’ you are giving them might contain excessive amounts of sugar or sweeteners, as well as a whole host of weird ingredients or preservatives.
If you are looking at reducing yours and your kid’s sugar intake, our October 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge will be the Reduce Sugar challenge.
The Reduce Sugar Challenge won’t cut out sugar all together for any period of time and then re-introduce it. We provide recipes and food suggestions that are low in the “free sugars” that need to be reduced in our diets but still offer sweet options with our meal plans.
Our Sugar Detox shows you that you can still enjoy sweet foods and meals but that with the right education you can make healthier choices to reduce your sugar intake for you and your family.
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28 day challenge
Today we look at some ideas for reducing the amount of sugar that your kids consume.

Find fun and tasty alternatives

Lose Baby Weight - Healthy Sesame Seed BarsYou can’t just remove all of the junk food and not replace it with something else.
So here is where you get organised with some alternative treats. Treats that are made with real ingredients that won’t give your kids a sugar spike.
Stash some in your bag to pull out for the children when you head into danger zones such as supermarkets.
Have the kids help you make them if they are the right age – it will be a good chance to explain the healthy ingredients in them and why they are a better option than processed foods.
We love making these:

Find non-food rewards

There are so many things that kids get excited about besides food.

  1. So if you are looking for a reward while potty training – try stickers instead of sweets.
  2. For a special treat at the café with you – try a kiddy sized banana smoothie (ask for no ice cream in it – it still tastes amazing) instead of a full sized chocolate milkshake.
  3. When your child falls over at the park – try distracting them with a silly song and a cuddle rather than a biscuit.

Fill them up at meal time

Use each main meal as an opportunity to fill their bellies with the good stuff.
By ensuring there is some protein and good fats in their meals (think eggs, avocado, nuts, chicken, tuna, chickpeas), as well as plenty of veggies, they will feel more satisfied and will be less likely to crave a sugary snack later.

Keep the sweet stuff out of the house

It’s much easier to say ‘no’ to a child’s request for a chocolate biscuit when you know there are none in the house.
The best way to avoid caving in to the pester power of children who are hungry, tired or bored is to have only healthy options in the house.
If they are truly hungry, they will eat something from the fruit bowl or from your healthy snack options.

Be a good role model

Kids are always watching us and learning from our actions, so it’s time to set a good example.
You can’t be drinking soft drink in front of them and expecting them not to ask for some. As a family, make a switch to plain water or sparkling water flavoured with real fruit (try adding crushed raspberries or pureed mango).
By reducing your sugar intake, your children will naturally reduce their intake as well. If you need some help with this, check out our October 28 Day Sugar Detox Challenge which gives you a step by step guide (plus recipes) for how to get off the sugar roller coaster.
To see just how yummy the recipes are get your FREE Sugar Detox recipe sampler by clicking here
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