If you are trying to lose pregnancy weight by following a healthy eating plan such as Lose Baby Weight, you may be worried that certain foods will be off the menu.
In fact, we are not big advocates of cutting out entire food groups (like carbs or fat) or certain types of food (such as Thai or Indian).
This sort of strict behaviour is usually not sustainable long term, and can set us up for a binge when we have a moment of weakness (followed by an attack of the guilts, which is never much fun).
Lose Baby Weight - Healthy Thai Food
With that in mind, the best option is to do your best to make the best possible choices when you do decide to treat yourself to a meal out or a take away.
Today we have a look at a typical Thai menu and help you determine some of the better options so that you can still enjoy a treat while you are losing pregnancy weight.

Mob Mentality

We often find ourselves in a group situation at a Thai restaurant, which can see us sharing meals and entrees.
This is great as you can try lots of different dishes, but it can also lead to some serious portion distortion as you’re never really sure how much you’ve eaten.
Keep this in mind when you fill your plate, and try not to pick at the food after you’ve had enough to eat.

Snacks and Appetisers

When it comes to entrees, many options from Thai restaurants are wrapped in pastry and deep fried – think curry puffs, spring rolls or money bags. These are best left alone if possible.
For a healthier option, why not grab a fish cake, rice paper roll or a chicken skewer instead?

Cream and Sugar

Many Thai dishes (such as curries) are creamy and also come with a wallop of sugar. These ones are best avoided if possible, or limited to a small amount.
Focus on the lighter meals such as Beef and Cashew Stir Fry, some grilled chicken or a Thai Beef Salad.
You can also ask the waiter to avoid using sugar in your stir fry – many Thai restaurants are only too happy to oblige and your meal will still taste fantastic.

Pack In The Lean Protein

Thai meals generally offer a choice of vegetarian, tofu, chicken, beef, pork, prawns and duck.
As a general rule you should try and stick to lean meats such as chicken or beef; tofu is a good option too; and prawns are a healthy choice.
Duck is often quite fatty so best leave that one alone if possible.

Noodles and Rice

Many Thai meals come with noodles such as Pad Thai, and most come with rice.
If possible try to limit the amount of noodles you eat and fill up instead on the meats and veggies.
With the rice, ask for brown rice if it is available and again keep the rice portion in check (say, ½ a cup) so that you are getting most of your nutrition from the meats and vegetables.

Want To Make Your Own At Home?

Lose Baby Weight - Thai Beef SaladWhy not try your hand at some Thai cooking at home?

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Lose Baby Weight - How Much Weight Should I Lose
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