Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way –
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You may have been reading the posts from our Motivating Mum of the Month Robyn Parkinson. You can read her first, second and third week posts here.

Robyn’s 4th Motivating Mum Post

So far Robyn has lost over 16kg and this week’s post sees Robyn tackling some of the negative self-talk that has held her back with her exercise and healthy eating.
Come on Robyn, we know you can do it!
‘This week I wanted to talk a bit about how my thinking has impacted on my weight loss and exercise.
First of all, exercise.
On Sunday I completed a long held goal of being able to run a fun run by running the 4.5km Mother’s Day Classic without stopping.


This has previously been out of reach for me, as I couldn’t run more than one or two minutes without stopping.
But as I became fitter and healthier after starting to lose my baby weight, I started working on running, and I could suddenly run for 10 minutes, then 15, now 30!
One of the biggest contributing factors towards this was my mindset towards running.
I have noticed that every single run I go on, the first 5 minutes I have thoughts like “I am not feeling up to this today, I don’t think I will be able to run very far” or “I’m already a bit short of breath, I’ll just take it easy today.”
Previously, I would have followed through on those thoughts and stopped early, and taken it easy.
Now, I have been able to identify that those are just protest thoughts when I start to get my body moving.
I now think “Well, I’ll just try my best and go for as long as I can” and then after those first 5 minutes are up, I hit my stride and quite often, set a personal best on the run I was trying to convince myself at the start that I wasn’t up for!
As I started to be able to run further and further, I started to want to run more and more.
I loved the feeling of achievement when I ran for a bit longer than the last run, or ran a kilometre a bit faster than the last.
I started to feel that I could do it. I could run.
If you’re not quite yet able to ignore the negative self talk, or you haven’t yet seen results, trick yourself into it by promising to yourself, ‘I’ll just run until the next tree’, or ‘I’ll just do 10 more squats and then I’ll see how I feel.’
You’ll be surprised how much difference it can make to your results. And once you start to see those fitness results, you’ll want MORE and the confidence will come.
I have in the past gotten into an awful cycle of eating crappy food and haven’t seemed to be able to break it.
I would eat something unhealthy, then want more and more and more.
I found it hard to get myself out of those habits.
Some people are really good at self-regulating and motivating themselves to start a healthy eating plan. I’m not one of those people!
What worked for me was having some structure and outside influence on what I was eating.
The 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan helped a lot – it set out what I should be eating and when, so I had a structure to refer to and didn’t have to think about it too much.
I also set up a profile in the free member’s section of the Lose Baby Weight website.
Every week I would update the profile to show exactly what I had lost in centimetres and kilos for the week.
That kept me on track as the figures didn’t lie.


Sharing your results can also keep you on track.
Enlist a friend or your hubby to share your results with every week to keep you accountable.
Even better, sign up to be a Motivating Mum, and have your results broadcast to thousands of other mums!
Again, once I started to see some weight loss results, it motivated me to stick to my eating plans better.
I also started to feel healthier, and the cravings for bad food slowly go away once you are replacing them with delicious healthy fresh foods (and I love knowing that all the food in my shopping trolley is healthy)!
Last week I ended up coming down with a cold early on in the week and I wasn’t able to do as much fitness as I wanted, although I still managed to do one run and two personal training sessions during the week.
This week I want to play ultimate Frisbee on Monday, do personal training on Tuesday, gym on Thursday night and Pilates and a run on Friday.
Eating wise we have planned out our meals for the week and now I just need to stick to it!
This week I am going to focus on making sure I drink loads of water every day, and on planning so I don’t get caught out without any snacks or food when out and about.
Stats this week

  Current Loss last week Loss all up
Weight 77.7 .1kg 16.4kg
BMI 24.3
Bust 91cm No change 12cm
Waist 74cm No change 11cm
Hips 94.5cm 1.5cm 11.5cm
Thighs 52.5cm No change 10.5cm

I haven’t really lost any weight this week, but I have maintained the 2.1kg weight loss from last week, which I am happy about.
I am at the stage of my weight loss – the last few kgs – where it can be difficult to shift the weight. I am hoping to lose about 500g this week.’
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