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And in May our Motivating Mum of the Month and taking up the challenge to motivate you is Robyn Parkinson. You can read Robyn’s introduction post here 

Robyn’s 3rd week!

Last week
Last week I would say I stuck to my 28 day diet and exercise meal plan and made good food choices about 95% of the time. There were a couple of occasions where plans changes at the last minute and I was stuck outside the house with no food for lunch etc but I tried to make good choices on those occasions.


Exercise wise, I had to cancel my personal training due to a dentist appointment and pilates due to being called in to work. However, I know that I took every opportunity to exercise during the week and I worked hard when I did exercise.
I was sick on the weekend so my nutrition and exercise over the weekend just fell by the wayside, but that didn’t faze me as there was no option for me to do any different.
My weight loss this week has seen me move well and truly into the healthy weight range according to my BMI! Hooray! It has also seen me reach my goal weight that I set back in August – 78kg. I have a new goal weight of 76kg that I would like to reach before the end of May.
I haven’t noticed any change in the way I look over the last week or so, but I have noticed that the muscles around my hips feel tighter and my stomach firmer overall, but this isn’t really visible in photos yet.


Exercise this week:
This week I am going to focus on exercise.
I have two personal training sessions scheduled this week. On Wednesday night I am having a joint PT session with my husband. These are super fun as we get a teensy bit competitive with each other. As we don’t have family nearby, booking Charlotte into the crèche at the gym and working out together is a good way for us to reconnect too.
On Thursday morning I will be having another PT session on my own with my trainer. She usually works me hard during these sessions!
I also want to get in at least one run before the weekend, maybe two as on Sunday I am running in the Mother’s Day Classic.
This will be the very first time I have ever entered a fun run in my life. I have always been a terrible, terrible runner. Pre-pregnancy I could run for up to maybe 5 minutes at a time, at my fittest. After I was cleared by a women’s health physio to start high-impact exercise again when Charlotte was 6 months old, I began working on running.
I have made slow improvements on the time and distance I can run without stopping. Running on a treadmill now my personal best is 5.7km and running outside my personal best is 4km. The Mother’s Day Classic is 4.5km so it will be tough! I will let you all know how I go on Sunday.
I am playing Ultimate Frisbee (google it J ) tonight (Monday). This involves a LOT of running. I had a rough night with Charlotte cutting a molar last night, so I am really feeling like I DO NOT want to go, but I know once I get there it will be a good stress relief so I am going to force myself to go.
If you are not at the stage of your recovery where you are able to do high impact exercise, I really recommend doing postnatal pilates (or some of the exercises found on the Lose Baby Weight website) walking every day and some Smoothiegentle strength exercises once you are past the 6 week checkup point.
I found not being able to run really frustrating as I have always been active. This might sound silly, but the way I coped was by wearing my exercise gear – tights and a running top – when I went for a walk. I would powerwalk at a brisk pace.
These two things made me feel like I was exercising rather than just going for a leisurely walk. This helped me feel better about myself. The other thing you can do is get a pedometer and set yourself a 10,000 steps a day challenge!
I also went to the gym to walk on the treadmill and do my strength exercises there as again, it made me feel good about myself (and gave me a break from baby duties!). Walking everyday, and doing gentle strength exercises along with ensuring your nutrition is good (for example by following the 28 day plan) will see you lose weight and it is just so important to look after your pelvic floor!
San choyFood
This week it is really important to make sure my nutrition is good as I have a lot of exercise planned and I want to do well in the MDC on Sunday.
The difficulty I will face this week is that I didn’t get the chance to make freezable meals over the weekend so my meal planning is a bit out. My work days will be a bit more hectic to get dinner on the table at night, so I need to make sure I remain strong and do not reach for the takeaway menu!
I am really enjoying all of the different healthy mummy smoothies I have been trying. My favourites have been the strawberry rose lassi smoothy, and my spicy-choc smoothy (banana, spinach, ginger, cocoa, choc smoothy mix and milk).
Stats this week

  Current Loss last week Loss all up
Weight 77.8 2.1kg 16.3kg
BMI 24.3    
Bust 91cm 1cm 12cm
Waist 74cm 2.5xm 11cm
Hips 96cm 1cm 10cm
Thighs 52.5cm .5cm 10.5cm



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