Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way – and if you want to become our Motivating Mum for one month see here on how you can enter (we pay you for it too!).
And in May our Motivating Mum of the Month and taking up the challenge to motivate you is Robyn Parkinson. You can read Robyn’s introduction post here and read about her amazing weight loss on the Lose Baby Weight plans so far already losing 9kg – doesn’t she look FANTASTIC!!

And below is her first Motivating Post of the week – a great read to inspire you this week!

Robyn’s Motivating Mum Post

Hi again fellow mummies!
As my little girl turned one last Monday, this last week has been a big one, with 4 (yes 4!) birthday parties, and being interstate for most of that time.
Suffice to say I fell off the wagon a few times with all of that birthday cake! But, I feel that to be able to maintain healthy eating and weight loss on the Lose baby weight plans – as it is important to be able to enjoy myself at social situations like that (so I don’t get bored, tempted or resentful or feel deprived!), so I allow myself to indulge a little, but still try to make good food choices.
I didn’t feel as though I would have lost any weight, but when I hopped on the scales this morning, they told me I had lost 400g. No cm losses around my body though! As last week wasn’t the best eating wise I am determined this week to be very, very good and stick to my 28 day plan meal plan and exercises!
Meal Planning (especially while being a busy working mum!):
Every week I sit down and write out a meal plan and shopping list. I then write the meal plan up on the blackboard on the back of our front door so I can see it easily to remind me. I find that if I just leave it on a piece of paper I either lose it or forget to look at it. This week I decided to do something different and put my goals for the week and scheduled exercises on the board too so I can keep myself on track.

On the days that I work, there isn’t enough time to cook dinner in between arriving home and helping my 1year old with her dinner. After she eats there is the bath and bed routine so if dinner isn’t organised before her bath, I don’t eat until very late and am more likely to say stuff it and order takeaway.
So my husband and I make freezable meals on the weekends and simply reheat those for the days that I am working. This would probably be a bit harder if I worked full time, but would still be doable if we did a massive cookup over the weekend. This week we made sang choy bow (we bulked it out with lentils to make 2 meals, or you could double the mince) and vegetable and lental pilaf (quadrupling the recipe) from the 28 day meal plan and the lamb shank soup from the Lose Baby Weight website.
The 28 day plan and the website are great resources for loads of meals, and there are a lot of freezable meals too! One of the staples in our house is the lamb shepherds pie (we make it with mince though) as everyone, including Charlotte, loves it!
The other thing we do is buy 2kg of chicken, marinate it in herbs and spices and cook it all up, freezing in portions. We then take that and some frozen vegies to work with us for an easy and cheap (works out to only about $4 a serve) lunch for work days.
We are also creatures of habit, we often make the same breakfasts, lunches etc for weeks at a time. I make sure I change it up occasionally so I don’t get bored, but having regular staples means that I don’t have to think about what I am going to eat next, and keeps me eating healthily.  I have decided to make a real effort this month to try a variety of new healthy mummy smoothies instead of having my old faithful (banana, blueberry and spinach) every day!
Eating challenges this week:
My biggest traps eating wise are both letting myself get too hungry, and choosing less than ideal snacks. These will be big challenges for my work days this week as I have 2 x 4 hour conferences this week and it can be difficult to find time to eat during those.
But, like with everything else involved with losing weight, I have found planning is the key and I have planned some healthy snacks that I can wolf down quickly if I need to for that time (fruit) and of course I will have my morning latte (my vice!).

This week I am going to:
–        Go for a run on Monday which will take me to 20km+ total for April (I had set myself a goal to run 20km during April).
–        Attend a personal training session.
–        Attend a group training session at the gym.
–        Do a pilates class.
–        Do some body weight/core exercises at home.
Current Stats:

  • Weight: 79.9
  • BMI:  24.9
  • Measurements:
    • Bust:  92
    • Waist:  77.5
    • Hips:  97
    • Thighs:  53

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