As a busy mum I fully understand how hard it can be to follow a weight loss plan which calls for complicated weight loss recipes every night.
But all the weight loss recipes on the Lose Baby Weight are easy to make and don’t take long either – and when I only manage to find 15 minutes a night to cook something I make sure everything is easy to do!
Below is a selection of my favourite healthy eating meals which are tasty, easy to make and family friendly – I hope you like too.
Soba noodles with salmon, tomato sauce, lentils and brocolli – click here
Chicken burger and goats cheese – click here
Spaghetti bolognaise – click here
Seafood spaghetti – click here
Sweet potato and lamb shepherds pie – click here
Super nutritious rice salad – click here
Salsa baked white fish – click here
Mexican lasagna – click here
Lentil recipes – click here
Scrambled egg and capsicum – click here
Vegetarian chilli – click here
Plus to see over 150 recipes click here