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Motivating Mum Nicolene has been keeping us in the loop about her progress – she has so far lost 8kg on the Lose Baby Weight Plans – and you can read some of her previous posts here and here.

Nicole’s Week and Tips

‘I have unfortunately been unwell this week for about 4 days and also very hormonal!
I dreaded stepping on the scales this week as my exercise was very limited and my food intake was not my greatest.
Feeling crappy means I reach for comfort food. However, I still had a 300g weight loss and feel a bit disappointed in myself for not being more controlled in what I ate.
In the end, it’s still 300g that I don’t want back on my body!

I only took a moment to scold myself before I really sat down now to think about what I have actually achieved so far these last few months and examine the bigger picture rather than these last 7 days.
I took my mid month body picture and compared it to my picture taken 2 weeks ago and my body has in fact changed!
So I am reminded again that it’s not just about what the scale says. It’s measurements, how your clothes fit and how you feel in general!
I am starting to feel muscle tone in my legs and core so I am thinking that my muscle mass has also contributed to a bit of a plateau in weight loss.
I have actually started jogging too and I never thought I would do that again!
People have started commenting on how healthy I am looking and that makes me feel great!
healthy_eatingI have tried some different healthy recipes including the Turkey Burgers from Husband Friendly Food and the Healthy Pad Thai.
I am so grateful for a partner who is open to trying some healthier options.
We ate the burgers tonight and he really enjoyed them!
I also experimented with some new healthy mummy smoothie ingredients such as pitted dates and shredded coconut.
My favourite smoothie this week was a Kiwi Fruit and Vanilla smoothie.
My Chocolate Peanut Butter smoothie was still my go to option when I needed a sugar fix!
I was a bit more organised too in completing my weekly shop. I wrote down a menu based on ideas and recipes from the Lose Baby Weight Website and wrote out a shopping list based on my meal plan for the week.
healthy_eatingI found that I didn’t end up buying any unnecessary food and was able to prepare meals well before I got so hungry those diet breaking “reach for anything in the cupboard munchies” would kick in!
I have felt better these last 2 days so I have been back walking and dancing and back into my healthier way of life.
6 months ago I wouldn’t have felt guilty for not exercising for a few days and I am once again surprised at how far I have come in changing into a healthy lifestyle.
I am learning something new everyday and figuring out ways to help me make better decisions for my weight loss. A few ideas I thought I would share:

  • Plan ahead! This could mean packing lunch ahead of time if you are going to have a busy morning or writing out a meal plan for the week and shopping list. Really helps to stop potential slips in food choices.
  • Don’t do the food shopping hungry and avoid the junk food aisles all together
  • Spread out your snacks and don’t let yourself get really hungry
  • Eat slowly and take the time to savour each mouthful as you will feel full faster
  • If you are being tempted by food and don’t need it go outside or go for a walk. Find something to do to take your mind off wanting to munch something.
  • If going out for a meal, know what you are going to order ahead of time and do it as soon as you get to the eatery so you aren’t tempted by other less healthy choices on the menu.

These are just a few things I have been doing to help me.
Being a stay at home mum right now it’s a daily struggle for me to not be a boredom or emotional eater.
I hope some of these suggestions might help someone else who has similar struggles.
This coming week I am challenging myself to get back to doing at least 45 mins of exercise every day and start the 200 squat a day challenge.
My journey so far for July is:

  • Weight loss this week is 0.3 kg (Total this month 1.6 kg, 8kg since I started on Lose Baby Weight)
  • Measurements this week down 2 cm (Total this month 6 cm)
  • Personal challenges – Started jogging in intervals during my daily walk and tried new smoothie combinations

I hope everyone is keeping warm, dry and healthy!
Bye for now.’ xo
– Nicolene Rarig
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