Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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This month we continue to be motivated by the weight loss journey of Motivating Mum Nicole Daniels. You can read some of her previous posts here and here.
This week Nicole shows us how to stay strong in the face of temptation, and she also enjoys a well deserved birthday treat.
Over to your Nicole!
‘Well it was hard this week not to weigh myself, especially since it was my birthday on Friday but I did it.
I am so close to losing 20 kilos that I can’t wait to see it on the scales but I know that I am getting fitter and that is what I need to focus on.
For my birthday my wonderful family got me some pampering, and money to spend on myself.
I always buy clothes and things for the kids first but I really needed new clothes.
I went though all my clothes and none fit me, I mean none – they are all too big.
So I went out and got myself some new outfits.
I am happy to say that I now fit into a size 8/10 which is so great after being a 14.
I can finally look in the mirror and I don’t feel fat anymore. I still don’t love my body 100% but I am getting there.
I just need to buy some new workout clothes as I really need some that fit me.
For my birthday we had the yummy home made pizza of flour and Greek yoghurt topped with lots of veggies. Afterwards we had a cake as my daughter loves to light the candles and sing happy birthday.
healthy_eatingBut I didn’t have any, not because I would feel guilty, but I can honestly say I didn’t feel like any.
And it wasn’t just one cake but two. On Sunday my mum and dad got me a cake and I didn’t have any.
I know I can still live an everyday life and be healthy.
My husband and I went out for dinner on the weekend and I had steak and salad. It was so nice and even better when you don’t have to cook.
healthy_eatingThis week for dinner we also enjoyed steak and salad from the 28 Day Plan, veggie kebabs and chicken and steamed veggies and one of my favs San Choy bow made with lamb mince.
I still love having my Healthy Mummy Smoothies for lunch and twice a week for breakfast. I love chocolate and banana and enjoy adding things like spinach, strawberries or mango.
I love having the breakfast from the 28 Day Plan.
The Bircher Muesli is so nice and I just make it up the night before so it is ready to go in the morning.
healthy_eatingAnother new favourite is the spinach, mushroom and tomato omelette. I have never had a omelette before, I still love that I am trying new things.
We went for a walk everyday this week. I love that the sun is starting to come out and stay.
I am still doing my 200 squats as well as lunges, tricep dips, push ups and crunches from the 28 Day Plan.
I also do some other exercises from the website and a few of my own with weights. I do a circuit of an hour a day including skipping – I love skipping!
My fitness has improved so much and I look forward to exercising every day. I love exercising – that’s something I never thought I would say.
You can do anything you set your mind to and remember the only person that can judge you is yourself.
Have a healthy and happy week.’
Nicole Daniels
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