Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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Motivating Mum Nicole Daniels has been keeping us in the loop about her progress and she has already lost over 16kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
Hi everyone I’m back again as a motivating mum for the month as I enjoyed being one for the month of June, so I am excited to keep sharing my journey with you all in July.
This week I kept up with my exercises and increased my reps and skipping and still doing my 200 squats.
We went for a walk 5 days as it was raining the other 2 but that’s alright I know I can’t go for a walk everyday but I try and I was still really active with the kids.
I also do weights 3 days a week instead of 2. I find it helps with weight loss and its a great workout.
I’m still loving my Healthy Mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch.
I love green smoothies with spinach  and almonds like banana, almonds and chocolate healthy mummy mix, so nice and creamy.
This month I will start having some of the breakfasts from the 28 day plan
I can’t wait to try the banana and ricotta on toast and mushroom and spinach  omelette. I love eggs so healthy and full of protein
For dinners this week we had 3 vegetation meals, frittata from the lose baby weight website and soup. I made broccoli and chilli from the winter warmer plan and had beef stir and chicken and steamed veggies from the 28 day plan.
Me and my daughter made banana and cocoa squares on the weekend and some yummy protein balls.
I’m not the best baker but I love making healthy snacks for the family.
This month my goals are to

  • To keep making soups and  snacks on the weekend.
  • To keep have at least 3 vegetation meals a week.
  • To try some of the dinners from the winter warmer planner.
  • To keep up with my exercise and walking and to push myself a bit more.
  • To have start having breakfast from the 28 day plan.
  • And to lose 5 kilos to take my loss down to 20.

My weight

  • 57 down 0.8g making my total 16kilos

My stats

  • Bust the same
  • Waist 85cm  down 1cm
  • Hips 91cm down 1cm
  • Thighs 47cm down 1cm

I would like to thank lose baby weight for helping me and also my family for becoming more healthy and activate which is the best thing I can do for my 2 beautiful children
And all the LBW wonderful mummy’s who have inspired me and hopefully I have inspired some one to know that you can do it and that you are never alone in this weight loss for life.
Lets make July a happy and healthy one.
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