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This month we continue to be motivated by the weight loss journey of Motivating Mum Kelly. You can read some of her previous posts here and here.
Over to you, Kelly!
‘As much as I am still unwell, its been a better week food wise.
At nights I have been getting so exhausted that I want to drop on the spot, but I have been making sure I am keeping a close eye on what’s being cooked – or preparing it myself when I am less tired and have some time.
I’ve not yet gotten back to exercise – even being able to exercise my brain and do some work has been on the backburner too, which is killing me.


The pressure headaches and staring at the screen don’t work well together.

I think next week I will be feeling much better and will be able to get back into my usual things, cannot wait.
I have managed another loss, a bigger one this week – like others I seem to notice a small loss followed by a bigger loss.
If you’re dabbling with the idea of starting your journey, do it! There is no time like now to get ready for Summer.
I don’t know about you, but Spring is my favourite season and I am sooo looking forward to all those walks in the warm, beautiful sunshine! The sun is great for mind and body – it’s such a great time to be on your weight loss journey – and start the Lose Baby Weight Summer Challenge!.
After failing with so many other programs and plans, I just hadn’t found the right one that helps you understand how weight loss works (tailored for breastfeeding mums) and backing that up with great recipes, community and support.
I never would have imagined I could lose weight so easily and see a difference so quickly. Yes sometimes you do get cravings, but there are so many great options available to you, right here on Lose Baby Weight.
Watching a US news show recently, they were talking about the weight loss industry and how women have the most success with community driven options (they explained the success of Weight Watchers for women, because it was a group/community/support thing).
So this is a huge benefit that Lose Baby Weight has for you, which I think is MUCH better.
Apparently men tend to go for the protein based, Atkins type of diets – and of course, (sadly for us!!) they tend to lose weight much quicker and easier that we do, as that’s how their bodies work! Boo!
healthy_eatingThis week I have enjoyed baking the low fat banana bread recipe, which the family have devoured too.
I didn’t have apple sauce the second time I made it (as per the recipe) so I grated up a small red apple and it tasted even better.
My partner who is a fussy cook said it was lovely and moist.
That’ll become a regular here, its brilliant for that afternoon tea time slot with a cuppa.
I loved the Slow Cooked Beef with Sweet Potato and Peanut Sauce and I will make that again for sure.
I’ve also been enjoying variations of salads too – it helpful if you try to think of new ideas and variations to keep you interested and enjoying things – you never know what yummy combinations you might create!
healthy_eatingFor lunch on the weekend, I baked a fish filet and ended up chopping it up into a salad of baby spinach leaves, tomato, onion and mushroom (cooked up in a little coconut oil), drizzled with balsamic and olive oil. The flavours together were amazing.
I’ve enjoyed having lots of seeds on my meals, like sesame and chia. I’ve also added oats into most of my smoothies this week as bub is still feeding quite a bit and doesn’t have her usual appetite back yet.
I stumbled across some old figures – I didn’t realise I was using a different iphone app when I went on Lose Baby Weight at the start of the year.
While I went on hiatus overseas and it all went to crap, my weight back in January was 79kgs (bub born August ’12).
I recorded losses for the months before I went away, but then gained some until I restarted this August.
If you look at it as an overall total loss since using Lose Baby Weight, that’s 7.1kgs it’s helped me shed. I have no idea what I weighed prior to then, as I was too scared to get on the scales!
healthy_eatingThis week has been further proof to me that no matter what situation you have been dealt, no matter what hiccups you have, not dwelling on it or packing it all in can be the best course of action – for both your mind and body!
In the past when things would go haywire, it would be so easy to just tell myself, ‘Gah, this is so messed up now, I am not going to get anywhere – it’s all too hard.’
But then I got no results and felt like crap for giving up and then crap because I still wasn’t happy with my weight.
You can make a choice – a choice to keep on going and reach your goals, or a choice to decide that it’s ‘too hard.’
Despite being unwell and not being able to exercise, I have been able to record a loss.
I’m excited about being able to exercise again so I can tone up a bit more and boost my metabolism even more.
But this week, I am most proud of keeping going when it all seemed to be conspiring against me!
It’s been a great way to exercise my, ‘No thank you!’ muscle and that’s really done a heap for my mental strength too.

  • Weight 10/01/13 – 79kgs
  • Re-starting weight (August) – 77.4kgs
  • Current weight – 71.9kgs
  • Total loss – 7.1kgs
  • August loss – 5.5kgs

It feels so good feeling stronger emotionally and physically – and to me that’s worth more than it’s weight in gold.’
– Kelly Winder  
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