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Eleanor Hannah has been motivating us all with her posts for the past few weeks.
She has already lost 20kg and has overcome some major obstacles along the way. You can read Eleanor’s first, second, third (mid-week message) and her fourth posts here.
Over to you now Eleanor…
‘This week has been really good for me, I’ve stayed focused on my eating (and remembering to eat) and I have been sticking to the 4 week exercise plan in the 28 day plan.
I have been loving the protein balls, and the chickpea cookies are delicious (perfect for that quick snack).
I think my body is actually getting used to eating again, as I’m getting hungry in between meals again.
My favourite healthy mummy smoothies have been warm ones this week.
My all time favourite at the moment contains half a cup of cooked rolled oats (the kids have this for breakfast now its a bit chilly), 
4 dates,
1 tsp cinnamon, a
handful of raw almonds, 2 tbsp chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix and
 200ml warm light milk. Trust me it’s yummy!!!


The kids are really loving the 30 min walk before lunch, and I’m finding it breaks up the day too.

I’ve found over the last month with trying to get to a class at the gym every day, I was burning out a bit, everything was getting too much – housework, gym, kids, etc, I was getting overwhelmed.
I was spending heaps of time away from home, and nothing was getting done.  So I am changing my plan up a little, instead of racing around at a million miles an hour, I’m stepping back just a little.
I’m going to be going to the gym 3 days a week for a 1hr class, and those days and every other day I am going to be doing my exercise at home.
I found some very cheap weights on a second hand site, so am incorporating that into my plan.
This way I am still at home rather than out of the house and being able to do all the exercise in the plan at home is just awesome 🙂
I use steps that I have next to the playroom (handy so that I can still see the kids) for warming up, and run up and down the playroom before doing the exercises from the 28 Day Plan. You have to work with what you have around you 🙂
I think that’s the thing with losing weight for being healthy and happy, it’s not a quick fix – you have to figure out something that works for YOU.
Not something that works for someone else. I see ladies who are at the gym everyday, walk everywhere and still have everything sorted at home.
Some weeks I can do that but others I’m nowhere close.
That’s what I’ve always loved about the Lose Baby Weight program, you can fit it in to your day to day life. The program is divided up into really bite-sized pieces of your day.
I do the exercise with the kids, sometimes it takes longer because of that, but healthy mummy = healthy kiddies right.
My journey started almost a year ago now and I’m still going.
I’m loving Lose Baby Weight being on Instagram, I’m a big fan of Instagram and get a lot of my motivation from there, so seeing LBW putting up posts just adds to that. If you want to follow me feel free I am ELEANORMUMOF3.
And I saw a Winter Weightloss Challenge with details being posted next week on the Lose Baby Weight site. I’m a bit excited about that.
I love participating in things like that as it gives me that extra push to reach my goals.
So my results this week:
Weight:  77 (down 0.5kgs from last week)
Bust: 95cm (same)
Waist: 78cm (same)
Hips: 96.5cm (same)
I think as I have less weight to lose it is coming off slower, but I’m ok with that.
I am feeling pretty good at the moment, and I had a light bulb moment on the weekend.
We were out on a Sunday drive and hubby took a photo and in the photo was me (just the back of me)….. normally I would have deleted it. Well, a year ago I would have, but I had a good look and said hmmmm I don’t look to bad so maybe my confidence is getting a bit better.


I have been trying to jump to achieve one of my goals of skipping –  I remember it being easier when I was a child. I’ll keep at it.’

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