Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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Eleanor Hannah has been motivating us all with her posts for the past few weeks.
She has already lost 20kg and has overcome some major obstacles along the way. You can read Eleanor’s first and second posts here.
Today we received a great email from Eleanor. She says ‘I’m feeling motivated and awesome this morning so thought I’d do an extra post, hope thats OK.’
It’s not just OK Eleanor, it’s fantastic! We love the fact that you are feeling so good and we just hope that by sharing it with our other mums some of the enthusiasm will rub off.
Eleanor’s Extra Post
‘Last week up untill Wednesday I had a pretty low week.
I was tired, I felt run down, the kids were grumpy, Hubby was grumpy, what I was doing seemed to much for me.
My goals seemed unattainable and I felt like throwing it in and accepting what I had done
Then my fortnightly fruit delivery arrived. My almost 3 year old was sooooo excited and she asked that day if we were going for a walk because she wanted to see the sky 🙂
I think that sparked something in me again. I have daughters that are looking to me for guidance, they love my new lifestyle as much as I do.
And I needed to keep going.

lose_baby_weightSo I have re-evaluated my goals and they will be in my post at the end of this week.

But what I wanted to get out there was – if you need some extra motivation look into your babies eyes, whether they are 8 years or 6 months old, and know they are looking to you for guidance for everything.
I know I want my girls to see a healthy and happy mum; not one that is overweight and unhappy.
So keep going.
Your children will thank you for it whether they say it out loud or not 🙂
And more importantly you will thank yourself for keeping going.
I got up at 5.40am this morning to fold the washing, and unload the dishwasher and get lunches ready so that I knew I could focus on other things for the day.
I’m trying to get my home business going again so after the gym this morning I WILL be sorting my sewing room out when the two girls have a nap.
Also this is how I organise my week, I add what I’m going to bake for kids lunches as well but I find its a great way to keep on track.


Have a great week lovely mummies.’

Stay tuned for more of Eleanor’s Motivating Mum posts next week.
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