A couple of months ago we started running the MOTIVATING MUM SEGMENTS and they have proved to be extremely popular with mums entering to be the motivating mum and with the mums on our site reading the Motivating Mums blog posts – so everyone loves them – YAY! You can enter to become our motivating mum here too
So we have decided to bring a few more motivating mums on board to help everyone stay motivated so here is Eleanor Hannah who will be trying to reach her goal weight and motivating herself and you in her weekly blog posts and Facebook posts – welcome Eleanor – below is her first post – YOU CAN DO IT ELEANOR!!

Eleanor’s 20kg Weight Loss

Hi I’m Eleanor, I’m super excited to be one of the motivating mums for Lose Baby Weight in May 🙂 it’s going to keep me focused on my weight loss goal, and I am excited about motivating others.
I am a mum of 4 Beautiful girls One is my step daughter who lives in NZ 🙂 So we have a 1 yr old, an almost 3 yr old and a 8 year old my step daughter is 8 too 🙂
When I was younger I struggled with my weight although looking back now I had nothing to worry about, but I always felt chunky, I think it was due to having bigger boobs than all of my friends. After I had my first daughter and after I separated from her dad I got to a place that I was super happy with my body, fast forward 1yr or so to 2008 and I got married I felt awesome and strong.
We fell pregnant with our first child in 2009 I didn’t put on much weight and kept exercising throughout the pregnancy and lost any weight I put on not long after she was born, fast forward 6 months and my Hubby was diagnosed with cancer stage 2 in his lymph nodes in his stomach recurring from testicle cancer 4 years before,  the bottom of my world fell out.
Hubby endured 5 months approx of chemo, which was 5 full days at the hospital a week it was horrible watching him go through chemo, it was so hard trying to keep on going day to day, taking miss 5 to school and then taking miss 6 months to the hospital then after hubby had finished for the day miss 5 went to a very good friends and I took miss 6 months to work with me for as long as shed last then would head home and sort dinner.

Those months blended from day to day, and long story short ( wait this is a long story :P)  I forgot to eat, I made sure everyone had everything they needed but I neglected myself, I did some exercise walking around the hospital to put miss 6 months to sleep but honestly I didn’t want to leave hubby’s side, and didn’t have any energy any other times.  So I put on a lot of weight from just not eating.   Hubby’s chemo was successful and he beat the cancer and is still beating it an amazing man he is 🙂  and 9 months after he finished chemo we fell pregnant with miss now 1.
I hadn’t shaken any of the weight I put on, so started pregnancy on the back foot, I still wasn’t eating regularly cause by now I was used to it, we moved when I was 8 months pregnant to get a better life with less work travel for hubby and cheaper rent, and that took its toll also, bub turned breech at 37 weeks and wasn’t able to turn back so I ended up with a c section and after 2 natural births it was a super shock!
But after 3 months I was ready to get me back. I started on the The Healthy Mummy Smoothies which were great!! I started having them for breakfast and lunch they helped my milk supply greatly, and after 4 months I started exercising again I went to boot camp at 6am 3 times a week did the 28 day plan and did all the exercise lose baby recommend, my body was starting to change and I could start seeing me again, fast forward a bit my daughter is now 1 and I weigh less than I did before I fell pregnant.

I have lost 20kgs so far and I have around 10 kgs left to lose, I have soooo much more energy and am so much happier, I still have days when I forget to eat and still have my healthy mummy smoothies for breakfast and lunch, I loove them and tell anyone that will listen hehe.
I joined the gym in December last year and have been trying to go 5 days a week at least, some weeks I don’t some weeks I end up doing workouts at home, I loove all the mini workouts on pinterest etc and all the lose baby weight exercise so if I’m not at the gym I do a few mini workouts during the day, if i don’t do something now i don’t feel right.
And being the motivational mum for may, I’m looking forward to sharing exercise, smoothie recipes and the yummy 28 day plan recipes with you all,  I’ve got to the point now that I’m stuck on the 79kg mark so this will motivate me and keep me accountable  🙂   Bring on May  who’s with me????

  • Weight:  79.2    down 20kgs
  • bust 96cm  down 16cm
  • waist 81cm down 15cm
  • hips 98cm down 25 cm
Week 1 goals
  • To do  some exercise 6 days this week, weather its a workout at home and a walk or a class at the gym
  • To plan and stick to our meal plan
  • This week we have my stepdaughter and my lil brother over from NZ for a joint birthday party for me hubby our 1 year old and our 3 year old, which will make it tricky but will be providing lots of healthy nibbles and be doing some fun games during the day to get my exercise in,  but you can’t be good all the time, its just making good choices on being naughty and knowing that ill have to get off my bum to get the exercise in to counteract the naughtiness 🙂   wish me luck x

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