Cat Christ is one of our motivating mum’s and has had great success while following the Lose Baby Weight plans and has written in to share her top meal planning tips with us.

“I get asked a lot about how I make a menu plan for the week and stick to it.
Now, for me it is just habit and it makes life so much easier. Once upon a time though, a menu plan never existed here and it was a random draw as to what was in the freezer and many times turned into unhealthy take away as an easy option. Now, take away dinners very, very rarely happen here. If anything we usually do a Sushi lunch for a treat. But anyways, I thought I would share my tips on making a meal plan and sticking to it!

Get Organised

Firstly I write down all my meat quantities after I have bagged them up and popped them into the freezer after doing the grocery shopping. You could also plan your meals before a shop but as I shop on a budget I usually see what meat cuts and things I find on sale while I’m there and then plan around that. So, make a list and break it down into quantities.
Example (these are my main cuts of meat I have)

  • Chicken breast- x 4
  • Beef Mince- x2
  • Chicken Mince- x2
  • Steak- x2
  • Turkey Mince-x2
  • Pork- x2

I also stock up on eggs for easy lunches and snacks during the week but if I have a lot I will also make a big quiche for a quick dinner or an omelette inspired by the 28 day plan or a challenge recipe! Yum!
Once I have my list of what I have,  I sit down with my Healthy Mummy Cookbooks;  the 28 Day Plan, The Summer & Spring Cookbook and with my phone- I very often use the recipes on the Lose Baby Weight website for dinner inspirations. The search button is my best friend sometimes!  All you have to do is type in the cut of meat or veggies that you have on hand and recipes that have them included will come up! So simple!

Some of Our Favourite Budget Meals

The Meal Plan

Once I have decided the meals for the week I write them up on a whiteboard I have hung in the kitchen, you could even write them on a small piece of paper and attach to the fridge, doesn’t have to be fancy, just somewhere easily legible!

  • Monday- Spinach & Cheese Pie
  • Tuesday- Cheesy Chicken Meatloaf
  • Wednesday- Beef Sang Choy Bow
  • Thursday- Oven baked fish & Salad
  • Friday- Turkey Shepherd’s Pie
  • Saturday- Pork & Apple Salad
  • Sunday- Sweet Mustard Chicken and Veggies

Give it a go, stick to it for a few weeks and you will find it becomes second nature. It also makes so much easier for those busy days or the days the kids are just being completely feral and making cooking a dreaded chore.
I have now found my meal plan being a habit, it makes it so much easier for me to reprepare meals for the nights I am at work. All hubby usually has to do is cook the meat or pop a dish into the oven. It makes dinner time so much more relaxed especially being able to come home KNOWING what has been cooked  won’t blow my calories for the day!
Happy Planning
You can see her latest update here.

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