Need some healthy tips on how to enjoy Christmas guilt free? Then read below on how to have a wonderful Christmas with Lose Baby Weight!

Christmas is approaching or for some the celebration has already started with work/kids Christmas parties, the sweets at the shops, it’s EVERYWHERE!
Don’t worry Lose Baby Weight has you covered.
If planning on attending or holding a Christmas party or even for Christmas Day, don’t feel obliged to hand out sugar packed treats and fatty foods. See our top guilt free healthy alternatives.

Top Christmas Guilt Free Tips

  • Serve a fruit platter, you can cut out Christmas shapes with cookie cutters into watermelon, rockemelon, honeydew or pineapple.
  • Healthy Gingerbread Men that you can turn into gingerbread houses if you want to make a big statement and use melted dark chocolate as icing.
  • Blend up fruit and coconut water or cooled fruit/herbal tea to make healthy icey poles.
  • Make some guilt free Christmas Bliss Balls
  • Healthy Christmas Chocolate Brownies
  • See the many Naughty to Nice Christmas Treats here

When Out Shopping

  • Grab a cold bottle of water before a bottle of soft drink or chocolate milk.
  • Pick a piece of fruit before taking the many sweet treats out on display, even better pre-pack some healthy snacks.
  • Instead of buying box of choccies you could hand make some healthy gingerbead, bliss balls, brownies above and wrap up in a nice box.


  • When bringing in the gifts/groceries do lunges or arm curls.
  • When packing away do a squat or 2 for each item.
  • When wrapping gifts or preparing food do leg lifts or half calf raises.
  • Putting up the Christmas Tree then do a squat jump for each decoration you put up.

Don’t stress too much over the silly season, just focus on making healthy choices as much as you can. Remember to drink lots of water as it is getting warmer plus if you are planning on drinking try to choose the healthier alcoholic beverages and remember that alcohol dehydrates you and slows your metabolism down.
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Have a very Merry Christmas xx
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