healthy_eatingChristmas is a time when the drinks seem to flow freely. While cold weather in the northern hemisphere calls for mulled wine and other warming drinks sipped by the fire, our southern hemisphere festive season favours cool, fruity drinks in frosty glasses.
If you’re trying to lose weight and follow a healthy eating plan, it’s important to keep track of your alcohol intake as it can add a whole load of calories to your daily allowance very quickly, sending the best laid weight loss plans into a spin.
Alcohol is often referred to as ’empty calories’ which means that although the drink your quaffing has a KJ or cal count, it’s not actually giving your body any valuable nutrients for the amount of energy being inputted.
The good news is you can still enjoy a drink or two while still keeping your weight loss and healthy eating on track. It’s just a matter of choosing your tipples wisely and enjoying them in moderation.
If you fancy indulging in a bevvy, try choosing one from the list below. Just remember that drink portion sizes vary hugely.
When serving ourselves from a bottle, we are often inclined to vastly exceed the ‘standard’ drink size (which contains 10g of alcohol). For example, a ‘standard’ glass of wine is 100ml but a glass served at a bar or at home will often be closer to 150ml than 100ml.
Keeping an eye on the size of your drinks (just like you do with your food) is a sensible way of tracking your alcohol intake.

Best low calorie Christmas tipples
  • White wine – A glass of dry white wine, like a sauvignon blanc, is one of your best options for a chrissie tipple. The average 100ml glass has around 65 calories, while sweeter varieties, like moscato, have around 90 calories per 100ml.
  • Red wine – A glass of red has slightly more calories than a glass of white BUT has been found to have a number of beneficial attributes, making it a ‘healthier’ choice of alcohol. A glass of cabernet, merlot or shiraz contains approximately 70 calories per 100ml glass.
  • Gin and diet tonic water – Clear spirits like  gin can be a calorie concious option. A standard gin and diet tonic usually contains a 30ml nip of spirits and is topped up with diet tonic water bringing the calorie count to 115.
  • Vodka, Lime and soda – If you’re a vodka drinker, steer clear of the sugary mixers and top up your 30ml nip with sparkling mineral water/soda water and a wedge of fresh lime. It’ll set you back around 70 calories.
  • Mojito – Clocking in at 160 calories, if you’re going to enjoy a cocktail, a mojito is one of the best options in terms of calorie and sugar content.
Try to avoid…
  • Baileys – Totalling in at over 150 calories for a 50ml serving, this creamy liqueur is best left on the shelf.
  • Pre-mixed Alco-pops (Bacardi breezers, Vodka cruisers etc) – An original (not sugar reduced) Bacardi Breezer contains more than 180 calories per bottle due to the high sugar content.
  • Creamy cocktails – While delicious to sip, colourful and creamy cocktails are packed full of sugar and calories, anywhere between 200-450! The usually extra large portion size doesn’t help things either! Try and save a fruity beverage for special occasions and limit yourself to one spectacular creation!
Remember to always enjoy alcohol responsibly.

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