healthy_eatingHands up if you ever crave biscuits and sweets around 3pm? You’re not alone!
The dreaded 3 o’clock slump can come around and hit you like a ton of bricks, especially if you’re a busy mum.
So what should you do when the urge to crack open the biscuit tin gets too much? Follow our advice and learn a few tricks to help you keep the lid on.

‘I must not eat biscuits, I must not eat biscuits’

Instead of thinking about the fact that you want to eat biscuits, why not focus on what you could have instead?
Here at Lose Baby Weight we encourage healthy snacking for morning and afternoon tea. So why not check out some of our healthy snacking ideas and find some that you get really excited about!
Some of our faves?

Make a new habit for 3pm

Instead of sitting on your hands and trying not to think about biscuits, why not create a new habit for 3pm?
That could be as simple as:

  • having a selection of super special herbal teas that you save for that time of day
  • lighting a scented candle or incense and opening the windows to let the air in
  • doing 30 squats every day at 3pm
  • Making 3pm the time that you call a friend for a chat

Anything to break the cycle is worth a try.

15 min lockdown

The good thing about cravings is that they don’t keep growing and growing until you turn into a raving lunatic. If you can ride the wave of the craving (whether it’s for chocolate, potato chips, or sweets) for 15 to 20 minutes, it will often disappear. Having a big glass of water or going for a little walk often helps too.

Look to your lunch

Often if you find yourself craving a sugary snack at 3pm it may mean that you haven’t had the best possible lunch. White breads and white pasta, or meals that lack protein and carbs can leave you hungry and wanting more.
Try to incorporate protein into your lunch (think chicken, tuna, roast beef, egg) as well as some good fats (avocado, nuts, seeds), some good quality carbohydrates (quinoa, brown rice, wholegrain bread) and some fresh vegetables (baby spinach, carrot, beetroot).
If you can pack all of this into your lunch you will most likely cruise on through to 3pm looking forward to your healthy snack rather than craving a cupcake or chocolate bar.

Make your own sweet treats

We all know that you can’t deprive yourself forever, so why not prepare some healthy and delicious snacks for those days when you really need them?

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