lose_baby_weightToday we speak to 4 mums who have lost significant amounts of weight with Lose Baby Weight.
All 4 of these mums have managed to maintain their weight loss months after hitting their targets.
So what are their secrets? Well it seems that in fact there are no big secrets for these women.
For Charmaine, it has all been about sociable exercise (and some Healthy Mummy Smoothies). She didn’t need to spend money on gym memberships or personal trainers to keep her weight off.
For Natalie, it’s still about making healthy choices with her food that helps to keep her on track.
Naomi made the decision that she wasn’t going to make any more excuses, and to use the maintenance period as a chance to change her whole lifestyle.
Chantel found that the ‘all or nothing’ mentality of some weight loss plans just didn’t work for her. By finding a way to allow herself a treat or a favourite meal each week, she has found the maintenance of her weight loss much easier.

‘No extreme diets, no gym, no personal trainer’

Mum Charmaine lost 25kg with Lose Baby Weight. Charmaine says she did it with ‘no extreme diets (I used the Lose Baby Weight plans), no gym, no personal trainer to keep me going, just me and my kids.
When I say exercise, I don’t mean the gym. I can’t afford it nor do I have the time with two busy toddlers and running my own business.
I play netball twice a week and walk every day with the kids.
When we get to the park I run around with them, and lifting them is a strength activity in itself.
At the moment, I’m back on the Healthy Mummy Smoothies for lunch. I love how they are so easy to make! The chocolate and vanilla flavours are my favourite, only problem is my kids love them too!
I’m loving the compliments that get thrown my way and I still do a double take when I walk past a shop window and see my reflection.
I’m relieved I can now breathe easily when I chase my kids and I take pleasure from eating food rich in vitamins knowing I’m giving my body what it needs.’

‘I still use the online recipes for my meals’

Mum of 3 Natalie has lost 19kg with Lose Baby Weight.
Natalie has some advice in terms of food. She still gets her recipes from the Lose Baby Weight website, and enjoys a treat on the weekend.
‘I have continued to lose a little bit of weight since stopping the plans at the beginning of the year.
Although I don’t stick to the plans strictly now I still try and follow the eating habits and information I learned from them as much as possible.
I would still love to lose a few more stubborn kilos so am planning to spend a few weeks back on the plans and smoothies again soon!’

‘This isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change’

Naomi lost 16kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans.
‘Positivity is the key. Don’t think of it as depriving yourself…it is about creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family.
There is only one person that can do it and that is YOU. Don’t make excuses, invest in yourself.
You will boost your own self esteem and be setting a wonderful example for your child/children.
So the key is to acknowledge your bad habits, stay strong in ensuring they don’t creep back into your life and educate yourself on healthy living, because ultimately this isn’t a “diet”, but a lifestyle change.

‘I still have one cheat day a week’

Chantel lost 16kg and has some advice on allowing yourself some treats. ‘I still have 1 cheat day a week. So on a Sunday I can eat whatever I want.
I have now lost 16kg and I am very happy! I hope every one else is doing this well and I love reading everyone else’s stories so please keep them coming.’
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