The fantastic Natalie Cocks shared her weight loss story with us earlier in the year and we loved reading about how the Lose Baby Weight plans helped her shape up post having her baby.
So we were equally happy to hear how how has maintained her weight loss and below is a Q&A with Natalie talking about her weight loss and how she is now going
Q. How much weight did you lose on the lose baby weight plans?
A.  Total of 19.3kg so far from mid October 2012 to June 2013.  I still follow the suggestions and advice from the Lose baby Weight team as much as possible while allowing some treats on weekends and holidays etc.
Q. How many kids do you have?
A  I have three kids – 4.5yrs, 2.5yrs and 10 months.
Q. What was the best thing about the Lose Baby Weight plans and healthy mummy smoothies?
A.  The best thing about the plans is they worked!!  I found the plans very easy to follow and the smoothies and recipes were yummy!  I could still eat heaps so that helped my constant hunger while breastfeeding.
Q. What is your top tip for other mums wanting to lose weight?
A.   Don’t give up, keep persevering and stick to the plans, the weight can and will come off!  I also had a friend doing the Lose Baby Weight plans at the same time as me, each Monday we would weigh in with each other and touch base via facebook on our progress.  It kept me accountable and motivated me to stay on the plans – I needed encouragement and accountability especially on the days I wanted to sneak some naughty treats!
Q. Have you kept the weight off?
A.  Yes! I have continued to lose a little bit of weight since stopping the plans at the beginning of the year.  Although I don’t stick to the plans strictly now I still try and follow the eating habits and information I learned from them as much as possible.  I would still love to lose a few more stubborn kilos so am planning to spend a few weeks back on the plans and smoothies again soon!
Q. Would you recommend lose baby weight to other mums?
A.  Most definitely and I already have to many friends and family!!  I believe Lose Baby Weight is not so much a diet as it is a lifestyle change.  I was given the support and information needed to help me change my lifestyle completely and begin the journey towards my pre-baby self.
Q. Anything else you want to add?
A.  Lose Baby Weight helped changed my life!  I am healthier, fitter and have heaps more energy to run after my three small kids.  And for the first time in years I feel good about the way I look and feel – I feel healthy and I feel happy!  Thanks Lose Baby Weight!!
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