Last year Charmaine Lower lost and incredible 20kg with Lose Baby Weight and the the Lose Baby Weight community (you can read all about that HERE).
Since then, Charmaine has kept us in the loop and filled us in on how she’s maintaining her new figure. 
Today she’s checked in to let us know that she’s still kicking weight loss goals left, right and centre.
Take it away Charmaine!
‘Hi Lose Baby Weight team,
My weight is now sitting at 64.6; 65 was my first goal and I’ve made it! I’m in a size 8-10 and loving being able to buy normal clothes, and look good in them. I take pride when I tell people yes I have lost over 25kg and I’ve done it all myself with the help of Lose Baby Weight –  no extreme diets (I used the Lose Baby Weight plans), no gym, no personal trainer to keep me going, just me and my kids.
You don’t need a lot of money to lose weight. I’m proof of that. Only now I want to lose more. I’ve been sitting at this weight now for a few months so I know I can maintain it with normal eating and regular exercise.
When I say exercise, I don’t mean the gym. I can’t afford it nor do I have the time with two busy toddlers and running my own Lorraine Lea Linen business. I play netball twice a week and walk every day with the kids. When we get to the park I run around with them, and lifting them is a strength activity in itself.
I do need to increase it though to tone and lose this last few kilograms that are hanging around. At the moment, I’m back on the Healthy Mummy smoothies for lunch. love how they are so easy to make!
The chocolate and vanilla flavours are my favourite, only problem is my kids love them too! I’m loving the compliments that get thrown my way and I still do a double take when I walk past a shop window and see my reflection. I’m relieved I can now breathe easily when I chase my kids and I take pleasure from eating food rich in vitamins knowing I’m giving my body what it needs.
My son also weaned himself recently (at 18months) and I’m loving having my body back to myself! Next step here I come! if I can do it any body can, just don’t give up! take each day as it comes and take steps to better yourself, not to lose weight just to be healthy.
All the best,
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