Hi Lose Baby Weight, I am just sending in my post pregnancy weight loss story after being on the lose baby weight plans
A light bulb turned on in my head a few months ago if I wanted a better me I had to make it happen.
I knew I had to lose weight but the idea of it really got me down I had no energy for exercise let alone finding time to eat right and who wants to eat a boring salad when there is so much yummier and easier food out there.
My husband would never eat the things I should be eating. I didnt want to diet, I was border line PND so each day was a struggle let alone adding any other pressure… then I found lose baby weight, I followed the facebook site for a while changed little things in my life and do it at my own pace.
I finally decided to purchase a starter pack as we had the money that week. The healthy mummy smoothie was delicious and decided to get the other flavours while they had a sale on so I also got a free pedometer and aimed at walking 10,000 steps a day, which gave me an idea of how much I had to walk to lose weight.
Me and the kids would walk to the park to another park on the other side of town and home again and that was enough steps.
I had one smoothie for lunch and eventually changed what I cooked for dinner. hubby still wont eat salad so I cook up spuds or something for him and use the same protein in a salad for me. the kids get a mixture.
I eat so much better, I have so much more self control – I don’t think I’m on a diet more that I have finally changed my life for me to make the life of my family better for the long hall.
My son was born in January 2012 at my heaviest I was about 90kgs going into a size 16, I purchased the Healthy Mummy Smoothies mixture and 28 day plan sometime in August and its now December and im 70kgs and fitting into a size 12 and still going.
My goal is 65kg but I think I might aim for 60kg! I’m also starting netball again next season which I’m so excited about! 😀
Thankyou so much! I’m healthier my family are healthier im SOOO much happier and my husband said its nice to have the happy Charmaine back 🙂
So many people ask what I’m doing and of course I tell them because its a great product that works and it’s safe with great support but in the end you need that light bulb to switch on, do it for you; no one else.
If you are ready to lose weight then the Lose Baby Weight plans offer a healthy and safe exercise and diet routine.
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