And today we have some very tasty and very healthy weight loss recipes that have made our pick of the day selection today which are here to show mums how it is possible to lose weight in a healthy and sensible way when you feel 100% ready to do so.
And we have chosen some very delicious  weight loss recipes from our healthy recipe collection to help inspire you today and we hope you enjoy them

Sugar & Butter Free Anzac biscuits

You can enjoy a treat this ANZAC day with these delicious and moorish biscuits that are made without butter or any added sugar. Winner!
The traditional recipe for ANZACs calls for butter, sugar, and golden syrup.
This healthy version substitutes butter for some heart healthy olive oil; and replaces the sweetness with some natural honey and vanilla.
You can see the recipe here


Lamb & Fetta Meatballs

These delicious, family friendly meatballs, combine lean minced lamb with grated carrot and zucchini, shallots and garlic, while the flavour comes from spices like cumin and black pepper. Using a strong tasting cheese is also a great way to cut down on calories, without losing any of the taste. A really creamy fetta cheese is generally so rich and flavoursome that you only need to use a small amount to get the required taste. Cheese like blue or a strong
See the recipe here

Healthy Chocolate Cake

Eating chocolate cake is not something you probably think you can have when you are following a weight loss plan or is something you think of when thinking of a weight loss recipe
But the good news is that it is possible to make healthy eating versions of family favourites like chocolate cake if you are more selective with the ingredients you use.
Here is a yummy weight loss taken from our Guilt Free Chocolate Treats & Baking Book for a French Chocolate Cake and provide you can exercise portion control it is perfect for a treat on your weight loss plan so you don’t feel like you are missing out.
166 calories per serve
You can see the recipe here

Motivation & Inspiration

Staying motivated on a daily basis when you are losing weight is one of the hardest but also most important parts of reaching your weight loss goal. You don’t have to be perfect all the time, but you do need to be consistent over a long period of time if you want to see those kilos go. And keeping yourself motivated on a daily basis is 101 on our weight loss plans. 
And this is why we share so many stories of mums on their weight loss journey and who have reached their goal – so that you can read what they are going through, can identify with them, can learn from them and be inspired by them!
And today we suggest reading Chaye Challacombe’s story who has lost 35kg on our Lose Baby Weight plans
You can read Chaye’s story here

Healthy Berry Smoothie

Try this nutrition packed and very tasty berry healthy mummy smoothie that will put a spring in your step today
The recipe is here
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