Fruit is an essential component of losing weight after pregnancy, with most healthy eating plans incorporating at least one serving of fruit a day, sometimes more.
Most fruits are naturally low in calories and high in fibre, with many fruits also containing high amounts of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B and other important minerals and antioxidants.
Snacking on fruit is recommended by medical professionals and nutritionists, however sometimes just grabbing a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl can be boring, especially for children.
Choose to be creative with these inventive fruit snack ideas that take common fruits and make them more appealing. The best part is these recipes are easy to prepare, with ingredients you can easily buy on a budget.


Cheese & Nut Stuffed Apricots

Simple take some fresh apricots, cut in half and remove the stone and fill with reduced fat cottage cheese, topping with a dusting of crushed, fresh hazelnuts.
Calories per serve: 91

Fruit Kebabs with Orange Dipping Sauce 

Kids will love this fun way to eat their favourite fruits. A great kids party idea, these fruit kebabs deliver a hit of natural sugar as well as fibre and vitamins, so make a great alternative to sugary party snacks like lollies and chocolate.
Calories per serve: From 50 (depending on fruit used)
Recipe here

Crunchy Coconutty Fruit Salad

Standard fruit salad can become a little boring if you eat it often. This snack injects a bit of creativity into the mix by adding nutritious and super tasty ingredients like LSA, chia seeds and coconut milk, which all provide a hit of essential fatty acids as well.
Calories per serve: 234
Recipe here

Fruit & Nut Baked Apples

Apples are a great friend of people trying to lose pregnancy weight because they are naturally low in calories and high in fibre and other minerals. While delicious eaten fresh out of the fruit bowl, sometimes it’s fun to bake them as well, especially in the colder months. This recipe is a great, healthy dessert option that the whole family will love.
Calories per serve: 215
Recipe here

Kiwi Banana Berry Rolls 

When people think of rice paper rolls they typically think of savoury recipes, however rice paper rolls can be used in sweet recipes too. These inventive Kiwi Banana Berry Rolls are a great low calorie snack option for adults and kids, and are a fun one to make too!
Calories per serve: 115
Recipe here
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