lose_baby_weightChristmas is a time that can often see us eating and drinking a bit too much.
Is it the warmer weather that makes us want to sit outside and enjoy the evening breeze over a big meal?
The catch ups with old friends where we want to let our hair down and have one wine too many?
Or is it the festive treats in the windows of your favourite shops that you find hard to resist?
Whatever your vice, it’s important to remember that it’s OK to splurge sometimes – but it’s not a good idea to give yourself permission to do it all summer long.
Today we’ve got some advice on how to stay focused on your goals this silly season, so that you can lose weight, feel good, eat healthy food – AND enjoy yourself at the same time.

  • Walk around to see the Christmas lights

Leave the car at home and take the family out for an evening walk to see the lights of the neighbourhood. The kids will love being part of the action, and you can get a solid walk in an otherwise busy time of year that can see our exercise fall by the wayside.

  • Enjoy your treats, with a splash of ‘healthy’

We’ve got loads of Christmas dessert makeovers here which means you can still enjoy a treat without undoing all your hard work. And p.s. the kids won’t even realise they’re eating something healthy, they’ll just see a delicious Gingerbread Man.

  • Stay focused on your goal

Keep some motivating messages and your ‘before’ pictures somewhere that you can see them (on the bedroom mirror or on the fridge are great spots).
This way you will be reminded regularly why you are trying to eat well when you are faced with temptation.

  • Set your resolutions now for 2014

Who says you have to wait until the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve to decide on what you hope to achieve in 2014? Check out our tips here for some great goals that you can set for next year.

  • Sign up to the Eat Move Lose Challenge

Sign ups are open now! Kicking off January 1st, our FREE Eat Move Lose Challenge is aimed at giving you the tools to realise your goals for 2014.
But don’t wait until January – join now for free and receive your information pack today. There are loads of prizes up for grabs, and you can enjoy the support of Lose Baby Weight as you focus on your goal (whatever that may be).

  • Plan ahead with your social calendar

At this time of year there can be so many events and social occasions to attend (which can often equal a calorie blow out).
So if you know that you are attending an event on Saturday night, be sure to account for this during the day. Start the day with a healthy breakfast like a smoothie or some eggs. Then have your snacks as normal but be sure to enjoy a light lunch so that you won’t have two big meals in one day. We’ve got some great salads and lunch ideas in our Summer Cookbook.
You could also make sure you schedule in some exercise that day, as this will also help keep your total intake/outtake in check.

  • Enjoy seasonal summer fruits

We love this time of year just for the fruit on offer!
Try some of these tasty treats made with delicious, natural sweet, fresh fruit.

  1. Christmas Watermelon Salad 
  2. Mango Lime and Strawberry Icy Poles 
  3. Healthy Strawberry Santas 
  4. One Ingredient Fruit Sorbet
  • Buy yourself a Christmas gift

So often as busy mums we focus on what our family needs more than ourselves. But if you want to treat yourself to something that can really help push your results into high gear – why not pop over to our shop and buy yourself the Healthy Mummy Exercise DVD?
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