Healthy snacking is an integral part of losing pregnancy weight.
Including nutritious, filling snacks in your healthy eating plan gives you the best chance of keeping your metabolism firing and your blood sugar levels stable.
Many popular snacks contain high amounts of calories and little nutrition, so try and concentrate on including low-salt, low-sugar, fresh snacks that have ingredients like fresh fruit and vegetables in them, in comparison to highly-processed snacks like crisps, blocks of chocolate and store bought muffins.
These 10 easy, snack swaps save a significant amount of calories by offering lighter options that come with added nutritional benefits in the form of essential vitamins and minerals.

Sweet Snack Swap

Swap Tinned Peaches & Cream for Fresh Peaches and Reduced-Fat Greek Yoghurt and save an estimated 105 calories per serve.

Savoury Snack Swap

Swap 5 Jatz Biscuits with Cheddar Cheese for 5 x Rice Crackers with Cottage Cheese and save an estimated 230 calories per serve.

Hot Snack Swap

Swap Hot Chips for Homemade Sweet Potato Fries and save an estimated 291 calories per serve.
Recipe here

Party Snack Swap

Swap French Onion Dip with Crackers for Hummus and carrot sticks and save an estimated 100 calories per serve.

Liquid Snack Swap

Swap a Hungry Jack’s Chocolate Thickshake for a Lose Baby Weight Chocolate Smoothie and save an estimated 170 calories per serve.
Recipe here

After Dinner Snack Swap

Swap 3 scoops of Connoisseur chocolate ice cream for one Blueberry Hazelnut Chocpot and save an estimated 280 calories.
Recipe here

Crispy Snack Swap

Swap a bag of Salt & Vinegar crisps for Healthy, Homemade Veggie Chips and save an estimated 75 calories per serve.
Recipe here 
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