healthy_eatingIf you are trying to eat well and lose weight, it can sometimes be confusing whether to include margarine or butter in your healthy eating plans.
Due to the fat content, additives and preservatives used to make some of the spreads, the team here at Lose Baby Weight like to use alternatives such as olive oil, ricotta and nut butters to flavour our foods (or spread on some toast).
One of our favourites is 100% peanut butter. As opposed to regular peanut butters which can contain sugars, oils and other additives, the 100% peanut butter contains nothing but peanuts.
When eaten in moderation, peanuts can be part of a healthy eating plan. Peanuts contain protein, fibre, folate and Vitamin E.
Most of the fat in peanuts comes from the healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, making them a good way to get some of the recommended healthy fats into your diet.
Including some fats in your diet can help to reduce cravings and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
Beside being delicious on toast or on a healthy cracker, peanut butter can also be used in other ways.
Today we thought we would give you a quick overview on how to use 100% peanut butter in your cooking, baking and everyday snacks.
Note: one tablespoon of (100% Peanut) Peanut Butter contains 128 calories.


If you’re a fan of satay-style meals you are going to love these recipes. By simply using some good quality (100% peanut) peanut butter you can make your very own satay flavoured tasty meals at home in no time at all


Try these simple recipes for a healthy and tasty dessert.


Both of these recipe use peanut butter but you could use almond butter instead if you prefer the taste.


Adding some peanut butter to your Healthy Mummy Smoothie is a great way to add a touch of healthy indulgence and nutty goodness. Two of our favourites are:

What Else?

healthy_eatingIf you are interested in trying some other nut butters, you could consider:

  • Almond Butter (115 calories per tbsp)
  • Almond, Brazil, Cashew Butter (131 calories per tbsp)
  • Sesame Seed Butter / Tahini (163 calories per tbsp)
  • Brazil Nut Butter (137 calories per tbsp)

Check out the health food aisle at your local supermarket, or visit a health food shop which often have a good selection.
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