If you enjoy a chocolate treat but don’t enjoy all the fat and sugar that goes into the cakes, chocolate and biscuits you usually find in the bakery and shop then the good news is that there are lots of ways to give your favourite treats a healthy make over.
Today we have gathered our top 10 chocolate treats for you to try and the bonus is they are all under 100 calories per serve so you can enjoy them all GUILT FREE!
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image11Healthy Ferrero Rocher Balls

Today we have for you a super indulgent looking healthy treat for you all to enjoy while following the Lose Baby Weight healthy eating plans and 28 Day Challenges.
These Ferrero Rocher balls are a delicious treat for you to try and only coming in at 55 calories per ball!
See recipe here

image0061Double Choc Chocolates

Do you enjoy a good chocolate hit? Then give these double choc chocolates a try. They are only 60 calories per chocolate and wont throw you off your healthy eating plan.
These chocolates can be adapted to suit your tastes- try adding some peppermint essence for an after dinner choc mint chocolate. Only 60 calories
See recipe here 

image1-1 (1)1Protein Packed Choc Bites

These delicious Choc Bites are packed with protein and only 88 calories a pop.
Brilliant for an after school snack for the kids OR keep them all for yourself
See recipe here

2015-05-14-13.26.3511Choc-Coated Mango Ripe Bars

Look at these delicious chocolate coated mango ripe bars. A healthy and nutritious snack that you can include into your healthy eating plan– minus the guilt!
The whole family will enjoy these bars, or you can keep them all to yourself and enjoy with a cup of green tea. Only 90 calories per bar.
See recipe here

Lose Baby Weight- Healthy Choc Mousse CupsHealthy Choc Mousse Cups

Chocolate Mousse Cups at only 61 calories a pop. YUM!
A big thank you to Laura Johnson for this amazing recipe.
See recipe here 

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healthy eating recipesDairy Free Clean Caramel Slice

Caramel slice is known for being indulgent, full of fat and loaded with calories and sugar. This version is not only good for you- it tastes amazing!
With healthy fats, unrefined sugars and high protein ingredients, this is a dessert or snack you can enjoy without the guilt! Only 95 calories
See recipe here 

Chocolate Goji Berry MuffinsChocolate & Goji Berry Muffins

These chocolate goji berry muffins are free of additives, added sugar and bad fats and the double bonus is that they are easy to make and taste delicious!
The great news is they are only 87 calories per muffin.
See recipe here 

raw_brownieGluten & Dairy Free Raw Chocolate Brownie

Today we have this Gluten & Dairy Free Raw Chocolate Brownie for you all to try that you can include into your healthy eating plan while losing baby weight.
This raw brownie is refined sugar free, gluten free and dairy free making it a great choice for any family with allergies. Only 90 calories
See recipe here 

Lose Baby Weight- Microwave BallsQuick Microwave Chocolate Explosions

A quick, healthy, warm, chocolate snack- YES PLEASE!
These Microwave Choc Explosions come in at just 39 calories per ball making them a healthy treat to add to your healthy eating plan WITHOUT the guilt!
See recipe here

Lose Baby Weight- Strawberry ChocolatesHealthy Strawberry Filled Chocolates

A big thank you to Keira Rizk for submitting her delicious Healthy Strawberry Filled Chocolates recipe.
The kids and adults alike will love these scrumptious chocolates and they’re only 35 calories a piece.
See recipe here

If you love indulging in treats, download a FREE dessert recipe sampler from our 28 Day Challenge here
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