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healthy mummy-snickers smoothie bowl

April 21, 2016      

Snickers Smoothie Bowl

The “Sneaky Snickers” has been one of our all time FAVOURITE smoothie recipes for a while now. So today we have a thicker and even more delicious Smoothie Bowl version to keep things interesting! The Healthy Mummy Smoothies make a …

Healthy choc orange fudge

April 17, 2016      

Healthy Chocolate Orange Fudge

Rachel Taylor, a member of our Private Facebook Support Group has submitted this delicious and healthy orange chocolate slice. A big thank you for your recipeRachel, it look amazing.

Lose Baby Weight-17kg Loss

April 13, 2016      

Motivating mum Carly Has Lost 17kgs With Lose Baby Weight & Shares An Update

Hi my name is Carly Williamson, I’m 35 years old and I am a mum to two beautiful boys, 5.5 years and 3.5 years. I started with Lose Baby Weight in May 2014 and I have lost 17kg using the …

50 kids puree ideas

March 31, 2016      

Weaning: 42 Ideas For Baby Puree

You may be a first time mum about to embark on the weaning journey with your baby and have no idea where to start.  This might also be your 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby and you just need some new …


March 30, 2016       1 Comment

Quick Healthy Snacks For The Kids

It can be really difficult to keep our little ones happy.  Some are fussy eaters, some don’t eat much at all, and others seem to want to eat all day long! With the snack aisle at the supermarket seeming never-ending …

Lose Baby Weight- Choc Salted Balls

March 28, 2016      

Healthy Chocolate Coconut Salted Balls

We have another yummy recipe that can be enjoyed while following a healthy eating plan. A big thank you to Eleanor Hannah for submitting her DELISH Healthy Chocolate Salted Balls recipe.

Gooey Brownies

March 20, 2016      

Healthy Gooey Chocolate Brownies

When you think of a chocolate brownie you instantly think that it is a no-go when you are following a healthy eating plan. Today we have this Gooey Chocolate Brownie reader recipe for you all to try. They would make …

positive effect of soy protein

March 14, 2016      

The truth about SOY PROTEIN

There is a lot of confusion and misconceptions about SOY proteins and SOY based foods and products.   And as The Healthy Mummy Smoothies do contain non genetically modified soy protein isolate we thought we would address the common myths about soy here What …

Healthy Nutella Smoothie

February 19, 2016      

HEALTHY Nutella Inspired Healthy Mummy Smoothie

Craving something chocolatey and absolutely delectable? Then THIS IS the Healthy Mummy Smoothie for you! Packed full of protein, healthy fats and 27 vitamins and minerals this smoothie recipe is not only a healthy meal option- it will kick ANY …


February 7, 2016       2 Comments

How Lose Baby Weight Began – The Story

Hi everyone, I am often asked what the story is behind the Lose Baby Weight and Healthy Mummy brands so I thought I would give you all the story – right from the very beginning as it really is a …

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