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Easy butt and thigh toning exercises

August 16, 2016      

5 Easy At-Home Butt And Thigh Toning Exercises

If you were to survey a handful of women about the areas they’d most like to tone, the butt and thighs would probably rate highly. And while looking fantastic from behind is always appealing, a strong butt and thighs are …


July 10, 2016      

Delicous Overnight Oats

Are you busy in the morning, or find it hard to get your brain into gear to make breakfast? This recipe could be for you! It’s a perfect recipe to boost your metabolism at the start of the day too, …


June 11, 2016      

What We Found Out About YOU In A Recent Healthy Mummy Survey

Last month, 1,950 of our Healthy Mummy members took a few minutes to tell us a little bit about their lives. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of the feedback we got, and we’re excited to share what …

Vegetarian Lentil Burgers

May 26, 2016      

Healthy And Budget Friendly Lentil Burger Patties

When you are trying to lose weight, it’s a great idea to ensure that you have your pantry cupboard well stocked with healthy, good quality food. Preparing ahead means that you’re more likely to have the necessary ingredients on hand …


May 2, 2016      

Healthy Coco2 Slice

Everyone loves the Coco2 at the moment and Kimberley Ellis knows whats up! She has created The Coco2 Slice!!! Chocolate, delicious, guilt free dessert! Yes Please! Ingredients 14 crushed Weetbix 1 cup crushed oats 1/4 cup Nativa or coconut sugar 1/4 cup …


April 27, 2016      

10 Other Uses For Ice Cube Trays

When you’re a busy mum trying to lose pregnancy weight, any quick tips to get healthy eating food on the table faster are a must. Today we present you with 10 great ideas for things that you can freeze in …

Freezer meals for busy mums

April 12, 2016      

5 Healthy Cooking Tips For Busy Mums

So often we hear from mums who are trying to lose baby weight that they don’t feel as though they have time for healthy cooking. Eating well doesn’t mean spending hours slaving in the kitchen each day. There are lots …


March 29, 2016      

6 Dinners That Will Get a High Five From The Whole Family

Sometimes you just want to cook something for dinner that you know the whole family will love. These particular recipes have been earmarked by our members as family classics that have been known to get a round of applause at …

burn fat with FIIT in just 5 minutes

March 29, 2016      

Burn Fat with HIIT In Just 5 Minutes

Fitness Expert from our Healthy Mummy 28 Day Challenge, Marissa Nieves, shares her tips on how you can burn fat with just 5 minutes of High Intensity Interval Training – just like the routines found in the 28 Day Challenge: Fat burning …

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.43.59 am

March 13, 2016      

10 Ways To Squat

We’re not going to pretend that doing squats is the best fun we’ve ever had but they get GREAT results. And if you want to tone your legs, thighs and bum while losing baby weight and without going to the gym …

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