Hi, my name is Kat Brown and I have been following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and 28 Day Challenge with great success. I have lost over 27kg and you can see my latest update here.
Today I wanted to talk about WHY I think that Lose Baby Weight is so different to other plans and why 1000’s of other mums have had the same great success that I have.
Before I found Lose Baby Weight I had tried lots of other weightloss programmes and I would always start off so well with losing a few kg’s but then I would be starving and always end up putting the weight straight back on. I always wondered what it was that I was doing wrong and that there was something wrong with me as i could never stick to anything for longer than a few weeks. Now that I look back on it all, there wasn’t something wrong with me- there was something wrong with the weightloss programmes.

Here are my top 5 reasons on why I think Lose Baby Weight are better than any other weightloss programme out there.

It’s Achievable & Maintainable For Super Busy Mum’s

All of the Lose Baby Weight meals that I have cooked for myself or for my family have been quick, super healthy and they have been so yummy!
The exercise is achievable as you can do it with your kids, around your kids, while cooking your dinner. Lose Baby Weight are all about teaching you how to make the plans and products work for you and because the plans are so flexible it means that you can make them to suit you and your family making them easy to stick too.

The Knowledge

I first started out with the 28 Day Plan and i was amazed at the amount of detailed advice and information that you received in your plan. All of the information was in detail and super easy to understand.
Lose Baby Weight also teach you about portion control (something that I did not know existed!) how eating regularly is a good thing for your body, how to make the healthier choice- the list goes on.
There is always FREE information going up onto their webiste about a variety of things like health, fitness, family, recipes all to help you on your journey to achieving your goals.

They Teach You To Nourish Your Body-Not Starve It

There is no “1200” calorie limit. In fact Lose Baby Weight teach you that eating a low amount of calories each day will send your body into “starvation mode” and to start storing fat instead of burning it! You can read some more about that here.
Not one person is the same and they encourage you to work out your own calorie limit so that you are fuelling your body correctly.
Lose Baby Weight encourage you to eat plenty of healthy nutritious foods and snacks to help your body function as best it can from the inside out. They also teach you the importance of drinking water.

No Food Group Restrictions

Lose Baby Weight encourage you to eat all of the healthy food groups. No cutting out carbs or dairy as your body needs a variety of the healthy food groups to function to the best of its ability. Having everything in moderation will not stop you from losing weight- it will help you to make this change a life long one.
Lose Baby Weight offer you a HUGE variety of the “meal make-over” for any kind of food that you may be craving be it desserts, take-aways – Lose Baby Weight have always got you covered!

The Support

Wow- the support! The support that Lose Baby Weight is invaluable!
Owner Rhian Allen takes great pride in customer service and is always around to answer any kind of question that you may have or need help with. There is also the Private Facebook Support Group where myself and 10,000 other mums are to offer you help, support, motivation and advice for you too.

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