When we are losing our pregnancy weight gain or just trying to lose stomach fat post pregnancy, following and sticking to a weight loss program can be hard work.  But one of the best things to keep us focused on the weight loss and ensure we keep losing weight is when we see the scales going down each week.
However, it is very rare for anyone losing weight over a 10 – 12 week period to lose weight each week- according to the scales anyway each week.  And there are a variety of reasons for this which firstly include that muscle is denser than fat so if you are exercising then your fat is turning into lean muscle but this won’t be reflected on the scales – which is why at Lose Baby Weight, we always recommend monitoring your success via measurements as well as the scales.

Another very important point to note is that over a 4 week period, our bodies fluctuate from water retention and hormones so you may well be losing fat and losing stomach fat but it isn’t reflected on the scales due to water retention – you can read more details about why you shouldn’t always trust the scales here.

Another point to note is that our moods and hormone fluctuate over a month so your will power may be lesser on some weeks than others and you will obviously have a better weight loss week on the strong will power weeks  – and the key to not doing your weight loss program too much damage on the “I want to eat everything in site’ weeks is to plan ahead and have lots of healthy snacks to satisfy your cravings and stop you eating a family sized bar of chocolate! See our tips here on how to beat sugar cravings
The final point to note is that not one body is the same and everyone loses weight at different speeds which has a lot to do with our BMR. Some women’s BMR will be around the 2,000 calorie a day mark whereas some will be around the 1,200 a day mark – you can see what yours is here.

If you need a more structured plan see our 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan, and if you are down to the last 5kg – which can be the hardest weight to lose – then see our separate action plan blog on how to lose the last 5kg here
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