Don’t let a scales run or ruin your day. Nothing can destroy a good attitude like those numbers of the scale. No matter what you do in your lose baby weight and weight loss campaign, do not live and die by the scale. It will break you down and tear down your confidence.
What you should be aware of is that frequent weighing is misleading. Did you know that your weight can fluctuate as much as five pounds in a single day? Yes, five pounds! The thing about the scales is that it weighs everything, not just fat. It weighs the muscle, the bone, the water, and the bodily waste. A fluctuation in your weight can be caused by so many things. The biggest culprits are listed below.   don't trust the scales when trying to lose weight

Menstrual Cycle

Bloating, cramps, swelling, mood swings, cravings, binge eating, and yes, weight gain! And of course water retention. During the time of the month our bodies hold onto fluids like a drought is coming and the best advice is not to weigh yourself at this time

The Weight of Food

The optimal time to weight yourself is first thing in the morning when you don’t have any food or liquids in your system. Everything you ingest not only has calories, but it also has some weight to it. The lowest-calorie foods can sometimes be the heaviest! You will weigh more after taking in large amounts of fluid and weigh less after a big effort in which your body perspires.

Waste in Your System

We are constantly carrying around bodily waste. This is the waste that has in your colon and small intestine for a long time. As the waste builds up in your digestive tract, it will cause you to weigh more on the scale. You may have heard of people losing a few pounds after doing a colon cleanse. Well, they didn’t lose body-fat weight; they lost waste. While a colon cleanse isn’t for everyone increasing the amount of fibre in your diet to flush your waste system.

Lean Muscle Tissue

As you start doing exercise and light weight bearing exercise you will gain lean muscle tissue, a substance that weighs more than fat. So you may actually gain weight. Even though the scale may not be moving, it doesn’t mean that you’re not getting smaller. Muscle is more dense than fat, so it takes up less space. You can be in a smaller pants size and not be any lighter on the scale.
Ask yourself this: Would you rather fill your jeans with 3kg of fat or 3kg of lean, toned muscle? Which looks better in a bathing suit? This extra lean muscle tissue has its benefits. Not only will you appear smaller, but muscle will help raise your metabolism too.
Now that you’re armed with the knowledge that the scales does tell fibs and that weight is only a number, you can view your weight fluctuations with a less critical eye. No matter what the scales says, make an effort to tell yourself, “Today is the day I take control of my life and my body!” and at Lose Baby Weight we can help you do that!

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