healthy_eatingWhen you decide that you are ready to lose weight after pregnancy, it is only natural to want it to happen quickly.
It is this ‘now now now’ mentality that can prompt those of us wanting to lose pregnancy weight to try out the latest diets which promise fast results.
But when you think about how long it took to make the baby, nurture it as a newborn and watch it grow into a tiny human – it can quickly add up to around 12 months that you took to put on the weight in the first place (and that’s just for one child!). So why would you expect to lose the weight so much faster than that?
All of these pills, potions, food restrictions and pre-made meals can not only be a waste of money – they can also be bad for your health.
What generally happens is that you do see a drop on the scales, but this tends to be water and muscle that you are losing.
So even though the kilos come off, it’s not a sustainable loss. So when you go back to your normal style of eating the weight comes back on and you are left back where you started.

Meal Delivery

In the same way, programs where you get your meals delivered seem like a life saver for busy mums. But how long can you afford to keep doing that?
And wouldn’t you like the rest of your family to be enjoying a healthy diet too? Often we find that when the meals stop arriving and you go back to cooking for yourself, you end up putting the weight back on.
Plus you haven’t really become educated on how to produce good healthy home cooked meals as you’ve been relying on someone else to do it for you.
That’s why we love the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plan, as it is specifically lays out what to eat for your meals and snacks – as well as a shopping list to follow week by week.
The guess work is taken out of what to make, and the control is in your hands to produce healthy meals for you and your family.


Replacing meals with shakes is another common theme for fad diets. Many of the shakes that you can buy from the chemist / TV offers / magazine coupons contain weight loss accelerants, fillers (to trick your body into thinking it’s full) caffeine, and sugar.
The Healthy Mummy Smoothies on the other hand, are very different. Firstly they are free of any caffeine, fillers or weight loss accelerants and contain whole foods and are 100% non refined.
They contain over 25 vitamins and minerals of highest quality, all of which have been specifically selected to benefit your healthy and weight loss as a mum. Due to many allergies these days, we have made our smoothies dairy and gluten free.
PLUS they are actually made to be safe in breastfeeding with the inclusion of herbs such as fenugreek (which is even great for you if you aren’t breastfeeding). Many mums write to us to say that their milk supply actually improved when they started enjoying the Healthy Mummy Smoothies.
Our smoothies also pass international standards as a meal replacement. Many other shakes on the market don’t contain enough nutrition to be classed as a meal replacement (even though that’s what they claim they are to be used as).
Want more info? You can see a handy comparison table here where we show how our smoothies stack up against others in the market such as Tony Ferguson or Celebrity Slim. You can also see our list of ingredients in our smoothies and why they are different here

Cutting out carbs or fat

This idea of cutting out carbs was popularised by the Atkins diet and a lot of people still think that ‘carbs are the enemy’. In fact, there is a biological need for us humans to consume (good quality) carbohydrates – they provide us with energy and support muscle repair and development. Without carbs in your diet, you will feel lethargic and sluggish and will crave sugar to keep you afloat.
Of course, there are good and bad carbs, so it’s important to note that we aren’t advocating tucking into donuts and croissants, but rather incorporating healthy wholegrain carbohydrates into your healthy eating plan. For instance brown rice, cous cous, quinoa, and of course vegetables.
The other ‘enemy’ in many people’s minds seems to be fat. And when you walk into the supermarket and see the myriad of 99% fat free / low fat / non fat options you can see how the idea came about.
Again, there are good fats and bad fats but our bodies need good fats every day for basic function.
Good fats come in the form of things like olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, fish and supplements (such as fish oil tablets). Add these to your diet and you will find that you feel more satisfied after eating, and you don’t crave the sugary treats afterwards.

Our top 5 tips for healthy weight loss

  • Get support

Don’t feel as though you are on your own with your pregnancy weight loss. We are here to help.
Join our Facebook page and email subscription from our website for daily support in the form of emails, recipes, motivation tips, success stories from real mums, and smoothie ideas.

  • Get rid of the junk

It’s so much easier to use your willpower when there isn’t a packet of chocolate biscuits in your pantry taunting you.
Get rid of the foods that aren’t helping you to lose weight, and stock up on good quality fresh produce so that you have plenty of options for snacks and meals. This includes things like soft drink, lollies, cakes, ice cream and bars of chocolate.

  • Be realistic

Don’t set yourself up for a fall by declaring that you want to lose 10kg in 2 weeks. Healthy weight loss takes time, and you need to give yourself enough breathing room to reach your goals at your own pace.
Other people’s success stories (like those in celebrity mags) are not your starting point. Check out our article here which outlines how long it took some of our Motivating Mums to lose their pregnancy weight.

  • Get moving

To get results, your healthy eating needs to go hand in hand with exercise. By adding even very basic movement (such as a walk) to your day, you are burning more calories and toning up muscles.
This will help to improve your results as it makes your metabolism more efficient which means you are burning more calories even at rest.
Not sure where to start? Grab a copy of our Exercise DVD which is made specifically for mums.

  • Don’t think of it as a diet

Deciding to change your way of eating with the Lose Baby Weight plans shouldn’t be considered a short term diet but rather a whole lifestyle change.
It means putting bad habits from the past behind you and embracing a new way of eating. Reducing the processed foods, cutting out sugars and bad fats, and filling your plate with fresh, natural foods is what it’s all about. And that’s a plan for life.
And you can see how our healthy eating and exercise plans work here 
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