Exercise equipment gathering dust? Then read how to find your motivation and get back into it!
So you were all pumped and bought your treadmill, dumb bells, cross trainer or exercise bike, had the “Eye of the Tiger” theme song going through your head and now they are sitting there gathering dust and cobwebs.
Where did that motivation go?
Well it’s simple… SNAP OUT OF IT! The motivation is still there, it’s still in you! You need to awaken that BEAST inside and go hard on that equipment you just purchased or borrowed before that special someone starts saying…. “I told you so”. Don’t you just hate that! I know I do and I proved my partner wrong!!!
Yes there are days, many days I feel like sitting on my butt and devouring a packet of Tim Tams but I know that isn’t going to get me the bikini body I have been staring at on my Inspiration Board and I have lost 44kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans 

Here are my top tips to get me in the mood!

  • On these days I find a Healthy Mummy Smoothie gives me the energy I need, see some of the Lose Baby Weight energy boosting Healthy Mummy Smoothie recipes!
  • Ignore that mess you see in the kitchen and the lounge room that resembles Toys R Us, it’s still going to be there 10 minutes after you clean up anyway, am I right?
  • Put on my favourite workout clothes and something comfortable so I don’t get annoyed or feel restricted. Also make sure you have the right foot wear as poor shoes can lead to injuries.
  • Ignore that inner voice that says “it’s too hard” or “I have too much to do”, tell yourself “I CAN DO IT! I’M STRONGER THAN I THINK”. That inner negative voice is the main culprit for draining your motivation. Start talking more positively to yourself and you will notice a big change in your overall thinking and motivation!
  • Set the children up with a movie, an activity, or while they are asleep. When my youngest was a 4-5 of months old I put him in a port-a-cot next to me with some toys.
  • Pop on my heart pumping tunes on my ipod, I like upbeat music to get me going. I usually do a little dance like I’m at the nightclub having a dance off with Channing Tatum, kids usually join in while I get weird looks from my partner. Plus music helps block out those annoying 101 questions or squawking from our darling offspring.
  • Again ignore that mess! You are making excuses.
  • Fill up that water bottle and get to it!!!
  • End with a selfie of your after workout smash and post it on the Healthy Mummy & Lose Baby Weight Private Support Group. You never know who you may inspire! And it will keep you accountable.

Need more motivation? Then sign up for the 28 Day Challenge, full of delicious recipes and quick effective HIIT workouts – you will love it and TRUST me it will be the BEST THING YOU CAN DO TO LOSE WEIGHT – see all info on the challenge here
Seriously now GET TO IT!!!
Tasheena Snow xx
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