healthy_eatingDo you feel like you have your healthy eating and exercise sorted Monday to Friday?
But then Saturday rolls around and – BAM! – all of your good intentions fly out the window.
Perhaps it’s a combination of being out of your routine, and spending more time with your partner, kids or friends who might not be as healthy as you.
It’s a very common thing to have a slip up on a weekend. But in order to prevent a slip up turning into a weekend binge, read our advice below from some of our Motivating Mums.
And wake up on a Monday with a clear conscience!

Prepare yourself

Chaye Challacombe has lost over 24kg on our plans. Chaye suggests to always ‘be prepared as much as you possibly can. Have your meals planned out, pack snacks or a healthy lunch if you are going to be out and about.
Try to think about how guilty you are going to feel on Monday if you binge all weekend.
If you are going out to socialise, educate yourself on how to make the healthier choices.
I always read menus in advance if I can so I have plenty of time to work out what to order.’

Enjoy a treat

Angeline Hall has lost over 10kg with the Lose Baby Weight plans.
Angeline says it’s important to enjoy what you love, without going overboard.
‘I don’t totally deprive myself of everything that I like. I will sometimes have a few less than healthy snacks and one of my favourite drinks on the weekend.’

Stick with your routine

For Linda Hallas, it’s all about treating the weekend like any other day. ‘I had 2 smoothies a day 5 days a week, and 1 a day on the weekends.
I had a ‘cheat’ meal off once a week. I would usually make sure this was dinner or dessert so I could wake up to a fresh day with a clean slate.
Nowadays if I do have dessert I share it with the kids, it helps to reduce the portion size.’
Linda has lost over 40kg on our plans and you can read her incredible story here.

Think about how junk food makes you feel

Eleanor Hannah has lost 26kg on the Lose Baby Weight plans. Her advice is to remember how you feel after indulging in junk food.
‘I found out the other weekend how much our bodies get used to eating healthy.
Hubby and the kids wanted KFC. We haven’t had KFC for a very very long time.
I got a Twister, and as soon as I took a bite I felt gross. Not because I felt guilty but because it felt oily and gross and tasted fatty.
Within an hour I was on the toilet (ha ha) and my face came out in pimples the next day too.
The kids and hubby also said they had a funny tummy and spent a lot of time on the toilet, so it just shows what effect these type of foods have on our bodies and our kid’s bodies.’
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