healthy_eatingWhen it comes to healthy eating and losing weight, the items that you put in your fridge (and inevitably, in your mouth) will have a huge bearing on your success.
So today we have put together an overview of what a healthy fridge might look like for someone who is trying to eat well.
Have a peek in your fridge and see whether it contains:

  • Soda water or mineral water, to which you can add fresh lemon, orange or lime

Try to avoid or cut down on: soft drinks that have sugar or sweetener in them, cordials (yes even the do called diet ones) and juices. You can read why here.

Try to avoid or cut down on: commercially prepared desserts as they tend to be very high in sugar, fat, salt and additives that can derail your weight loss.

  • A crisper containing fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try to avoid or cut down on: overstocking the crisper as it can lead to items not being used in time. Try to buy fresh produce twice per week, then keep store cupboard items like sweet potatoes and onions in a cool dry spot in the pantry.

Try to avoid or cut down on: processed salad dressings and stir fry sauces/jars as they tend to be full of additives, oils, salt and even sugars.

  • Good quality protein products such as eggs, milk, yoghurt and cheese

Try to avoid or cut down on: sweetened milks or yoghurts, high fat products and cream. Try to use quality products such as Parmesan that are full of flavour and don’t require you to use huge amounts. Find your favourite milk for your Healthy Mummy Smoothies and ensure you always have a good supply of it. Save cheeses like brie and camembert for very special occasions. Always keep eggs on hand for last minute meals.

  • Baby spinach and other leafy greens to bulk out a meal.

Try to avoid or cut down on: always relying on pasta or rice to accompany your meal. Increasing your intake of leafy greens is beneficial for your health and will keep your calorie intake in check.

  • Natural or Greek yoghurts that contain no added sugars or sweeteners.

Try to avoid or cut down on: Fruity or sweet yoghurts as they contain added sugars which are not recommended as part of a healthy diet. Add your own flavouring to the plain yoghurts such as chopped up fruit or cinnamon; and use them to dollop on curries, to make some dip or sauce, or to add to cereal or porridge.

  • Any of our healthy versions of your favourite dips

Try to avoid or cut down on: commercially prepared dips that are high in fat and sugar. Try our recipes which are packed full of real ingredients and are actually good for you. Think guacamole, hummus, tzatziki, beetroot dip or our roasted sweet potato dip.
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