Inspiring Shae Jovan has lost 19kgs, is a busy mum of 5 and has become a Motivating Mum for July. Shae shares her story on yoyo diets and how Lose Baby Weight changed her way of thinking and is ready to take on the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge!

Hi there fellow Mummys,
My name is Shae Allira Jovan, you may have seen me posting or commenting up a storm on our new Lose Baby Weight private facebook page (which I LOVE by the way) great thinking ladies.
A bit about me: I am a 32yo (turned 32 today actually), I am a wife of 9.5 years to my high school sweetheart and a mummy to 4 girls aged 9, 6, 4 & 1 boy aged 2.
My life has never been easy. I was diagnosed very young with Shaumans Disease, Scoliosis and then at 16 with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Not long after that I got very sick with Salmonella as my immune system was so compromised, I battled that for 8 months, & came out weighing a teeny 47kg (with E cup breasts go figure lol)
By the time I was 20 I had a breast reduction down to a c cup, weighed in at 45kg after. But at the same time I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and my knees had Osteo Arthritis in them. So my boyfriend & I at the time decided to start our family as we didn’t know how my body would hold up later in life (I know young but we had known each other for 8 years at the time). Baby #1 was on her way, the night I gave birth I weighed a Whopping 96kg, I was amazed I could double my whole body – that was pure shock!
The next 7 years were filled with more babies, yoyo diets, I even tried Duromine at one point, but that stopped me from sleeping & played havoc with an already fragile mental state..
So thank god for Facebook. I was Facebook stalking as you do during a 2am feed and I saw a friend had liked Lose Baby Weight, so I googled it and read up on it. I directly emailed Rhian any concerns I had & placed an order immediately.
I really read through everything and loved that this plan was tailored for those of us who lead busy lives, can’t always get to the gym, basically I changed my way of thinking about weight loss and it started to happen..
When I started on the Healthy Mummy Smoothies (I had 1 in the morning, a green apple for a snack, another Healthy Mummy Smoothie for lunch, sushi or a slice of frittata for an afternoon snack & cooked a meal off the Lose Baby Weight free recipe list) my 1st weigh in was 98kg. I remember trying on clothes in a Target change room for a friend’s 30th and it just broke me. I couldn’t see myself anymore, we always joked that I swallowed the old Shae up and I would spit her back out one day but that day didn’t come.
After starting the Healthy Mummy Smoothies in May 2012, by September 2012 I had made it down to 80kg, I was blown away. That was the first time I contacted Lose Baby Weight and had my story shared. I did go on to lose bigger numbers by September 2013. Unfortunately my life and my health took a decline and I slowly crept back up to 79kg, which is where I’m at now. But I’m working out daily, doing cardio and weights. I’ve joined up for the 28 Day Winter Weight Loss Challenge & I KNOW I CAN DO IT,  WE CAN DO IT! I hope I can help inspire someone the way you ladies inspire me xxxxx
Shae A Jovan
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