Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way – and if you want to become our Motivating Mum for one month see here on how you can enter (we pay you for it too!).
And in March our Motivating Mum of the Month and taking up the challenge to motivate you is Linda Hallas.
Linda has already done an incredible job on our weight loss plans and plans to reach her target weight by the end of March
You can read Linda’s 3rd week’s weigh in results below – and you can see her first week’s results here and her second week results here

Week 3 Results!


My biggest Challenge this week was fitting in exercise and motivation with a husband who was interstate for 3 full days, you know what? I did!
I managed to go for walks with kids, squats before meals, step ups in the house and I even walk my daughter to kinder for the first time this year, it is not a hard walk or even a far walk but I never do it as I have always hated the walk back up our driveway, 140 meters of 30 degree hill.

Not anymore, I take the bins down and up and I mentally celebrate with myself as I walked my daughter to kinder and I told myself that I would walk her at least once a week. So perhaps now that I have broken this barrier down I will continue to walk her to kinder at least once a week.
Staying motivated when you are on your own is a challenge, I have a lot of respect for all the single parents as every time I am on my own for a few days it is all of a sudden more tiring and more work.
Again this was a time that I really enjoyed having the healthy mummy smoothies there because they kept me on track and gave me the energy that I actually needed. Not having my husband walk in the door each and evening to help tackle the 4 million questions or the 1 out of the 3 children who is refusing to feed himself (not naming anyone Mr 3 year old)!


I do a kinder run 5 days a week – my son 2 days and my daughter 3 days – and I try to go for walk as soon as I drop a child at kinder as this means I can take advantage of a stroller with 2 seats and get going. I don’t get a chance to walk every day of the week but I aim for 3 of these walks.
I find a lot of success in having snacks for the sitting child in the stroller. I have mastered the art of opening a snack and keeping my pace while pushing 2 children. Thankfully the baby is not at the stage of needing snacks the second we are anywhere but home. Packing also saves on money and stops you having to end up buying something that will make you feel terrible or even set you up to fail for the rest of the day.
Easter is coming, and temptation is everywhere. This year we are not buying any Easter eggs for the kids. We are buying some good quality dark chocolate and making chocolates with the kids at home over the Easter weekend.
If it needs to be sweetened for them we will use pear or apple juice. The kids will love it and there won’t be tons of temptation left over ready to set me up for failure. I am going to have some dark chocolate mint Lose Baby Weight chocolate as my Easter treat.
Have you got a plan ready? Let people know early that you don’t want store brought chocolate, tell family to buy them a toy instead. I think the trick to surviving this sugary long weekend is to plan ahead and fill your fridge with lot of healthy snacks before the weekend! It will be here before we know it.
I loved having the 28 day meal plan at hand with some recipes in there designed just for one, this made it so easy for me to eat healthy when I was on my own for three days.

This week I tried to make sure I had the chance for one big work out, I burnt 1000 calories on Friday by going for a big morning walk and then when my husband got home I went for a walk/jog with a body core workout in the park and then a walk/jog home. I weighed in with a 900 gram loss and I was actually really happy with this as my body was still recovery from a very nasty bug the week before so gentle activity was actually essential this week.
New current weight: 78.6kgs – Even though this has been a smaller weight loss, I am really happy as I have actually lost more cms’ this week than previous weeks with bigger weight loss, I think my body is starting to tone up now!

  • Bust – 98cms (lost 2cms)
  • waist – 83cms (lost 1cm)
  • hips – 98cms  (lost 2cm)
  • Thighs – 55cms (lost 3cms X2)
  • A loss of 11cms in 1 week!

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