Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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Today we are getting an update from, Nicole Taylor who has managed to lose over 6 kilograms so far with Lose Baby Weight and the support from the Lose Baby Weight community. You can read Nicole’s first post HERE.
‘Well, I’m one week in and feeling ok. We’ve had a few rough days/nights with a grumpy baby and a toddler who can’t go to sleep on her own but we’re pushing through. I’ve been trying out some new Healthy Mummy Smoothie combinations and I’m loving the flavours. The Hot Chocolate Smoothie is great when you need an indulgent but healthy treat, and the Blueberry and Banana Booster really does put you into a better mood afterwards.
I didn’t have it as a goal but I’ve also been trying out different snacks, as I tend to be a creature of habit and would have rice crackers and hummus as afternoon tea for a week, then an apple and almonds, then back to the crackers and dip.
lose_baby_weightI haven’t always managed to get the exercise from the plan done but I’m more aware of my body now and am fitting in incidental exercise where I can, taking the long way when we walk to the shops, and over the weekend when I went to do the groceries on my own I walked up and down the stair well till I was out of breath (it burns more calories than just walking around for the same amount of time, so as silly as I felt walking past the same café a few times I got to see the results on the scales with a 600g loss this week). It’s put me back into the 70’s and less than 5kg to go till my goal weight which is within the healthy BMI range.
I guess what I’m getting at here is, if you are really struggle finding 10 minutes to yourself in the morning or afternoon, do what you can when you can. Any exercise is better than nothing, and you can always involve the kids to make it fun for them too. My Miss-turning-3 has been insisting that she needs to do her exercise to, and has tried sit ups, push ups and glute bridges. Her technique is terrible but you got to give her an A for enthusiasm, even if it does wear off as soon as Peppa Pig comes on the TV.
Last week my goals were to plan for busy days, pack snacks when we go out (for me too, not just the kids), and take notice of my water intake. The first 2 goals I’ve nailed I think. I have a list of travel friendly snacks on the fridge that I like so there’s no excuse. If all else fails grab a piece of fruit and throw it in your bag so you have something to get you through til you get back.
I haven’t been recording my water intake but I have been having a glass of water before meals and snacks, with an extra glass afterwards if I’m not sure if I’m still hungry or if I might just be thirsty. That’s at least 6 glasses of water a day, so I’m pretty happy with that and will be keeping up this new routine.
Now, I also said that I’d talk to you about how I do my meal plan. The 28 day plan is great as it has everything all laid out including a shopping list. But sometimes I need to deviate from the plan for one reason or another, so when I start my meal plan for the week I always write in any social commitments we have, any time I need to be away from home, and any times that I might be working (these vary week to week but I usually only do a few hours here and there).
That way I can see if I need to have dinner organised in the morning or if I’ll have time to do it of an evening. My kids go to daycare on Tuesdays and so Tuesday = pasta night. They come home tired and a bit clingy so I figure if pasta is a meal they’ll happily sit and eat, that’s what we’ll do. This is where the Lose Baby Weight website and blog come in. There are heaps of recipes that are healthy, and you can still have pasta and rice! How good is that? A weight loss program that works, supports breastfeeding, and doesn’t have people cutting out entire food groups; WIN!
healthy_foodNext I write in any meals from the 28 day plan that fit into our schedule and our tastes. My husband has never been a big fan of fish so it’s going on the menu once a week. Some weeks of the plan have it twice so we pick another meal, either from another week in the 28 day plan or from the website.  Then I fill in lunches, breakfasts (although I’m having smoothies for breakfast while I’m a motivating mum, I still need to plan for the rest of the family), and snacks.
Snacks are not so much a downfall, but an area I need to address. I often forget morning tea for myself, have lunch as normal, then end up famished come afternoon tea time. As I said earlier, I tend to eat the same snacks day in day out too (even if I’ve planned a variety). So this week I’m going to plan my snacks out and stick to it. I’ve deviated from my lunch plans here and there but that usually involves swapping in a smoothie if we’re really busy, or just swapping days if I just haven’t felt like the planned lunch.
meal planninhLastly, I add in notes of when I need to prepare things, like baking healthy bran muffins, or defrosting meat, and highlight them. The last thing you want to do is get to a meal time and find you can’t do what you’d planned because your meat is frozen solid. If it’s highlighted I can see at a glance if I need to do anything ahead of time and it’s been keeping things on track for us.
I’m not doing measurements or a photo this week as I’m feeling bloated, so for the rest of the month I’ll just do fortnightly I think.
This week’s goals:
* Spend some time in my wardrobe trying on old (smaller) clothes. See what fits, and what is too big and get it organised
* Stick to the “snack” plan, and keep up the variety
* Try a green smoothie. It’s been on my to do list for a while, but I just haven’t pushed past my comfort zone and actually made one.
* Try at least 2 other new smoothie recipes. I’ve tried quite a few new ones this past week, so I want to keep up that trend
* Get up early to do my morning exercise before the kids get up. I’ve set the alarm in my phone, now to follow through with it* Have a good read through the Calorie Bible that arrived in the mail yesterday
* Get under 79kgs!
Until next week,
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