Every month, a mum who is on the Lose Baby Weight plans will be writing about their journey, exercise, ups and downs and will be here to help motivate YOU and THEMSELVES along the way.
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This month we have been motivated by the story of Motivating Mum Nicole Daniels. You can read her first, second and third posts here.
Nicole lost 1kg this week (13kg in total) despite having had some sad news about a family member. She uses the Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Plan and the Healthy Mummy Smoothies, and Nicole says she hopes that she can inspire others who are on their own weight loss journey.
Let’s hear from Nicole now…
‘This week has been hard and very emotional as we said goodbye to my grandma. But I got though it (just).
I did my exercises every day and have upped them.
I get up in the morning and do half an hour of the exercises from the 28 Day Plan and when my son has his morning sleep I do half an hour of weights with a chair.
I also use my daughter’s skipping rope and step. There is always something around the house you can use for a workout. I just set up a circuit and away I go.
I try to go for a walk everyday but some times it’s not possible with the weather and other things.

I hate missing it as I love going for a 30-45 min walk, so instead I do more exercises at home or just be active like jumping on the trampoline or running around the house with the kids.

healthy_eatingWe went for a walk 5 times this week, and so I think if I do that every week then that is OK.
I also did Zumba 2 days this week when my daughter was at preschool; and I’m still doing my 200 squats at night.
I’m proud this week of keeping up with all my healthy food.
When I’m going out I pack my snacks and make sure I have a nice healthy lunch.
This week I had soup from the Winter Warmer Plan. I made it on the weekend and it’s so easy just to reheat.
Every week I will be making a soup from the Winter Warmer Plan.
Next up is broccoli, fennel and leek which I  am excited to try as I have never had leek or fennel before.
healthy_eatingWe also made homemade pizza dough from Greek yogurt and wholemeal flour, topped with veggies.
It was so easy to make and tasted great, and my daughter loved rolling the dough.
Every week we have one vegetarian meal and my aim is to make it two.
I am also trying new things with my Healthy Mummy Smoothies like adding kiwi fruit and avocado and experimenting.
lose_baby_weightI’m loving raspberries with the chocolate Healthy Mummy Smoothie mix and I like to add things like avocado and spinach.
I am going to bake some yummy snacks from the 28 Day Plan for the whole family to enjoy.
And I am still doing the Winter Weight Loss Challenge, I love getting the emails every day and having a goal for the day.
This week my stats are:

  • Weight 60.1 down 1 kilo
  • Bust 92cm down 2cm
  • Waist 90cm down 1cm
  • Hips 95cm down 2cm.

My goals this week are:

  • To keep trying new foods.
  • And try new ingredients in smoothies.
  • Bake some yummy snacks.
  • And try new soups from the Winter Warmer Plan.
  • Try to go for a walk every day and increase my reps with my workout.
  • And I am so close to my first goal of weight loss for the month hopefully I can achieve this.

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy week.’
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