Motivating Mum Jackie Thomas has lost an incredible 22kgs in 7 months following the Lose Baby Weight Plans and shares her tips on exercise.jackiet2

Hi healthy Mums, welcome to my mid-month blog! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time so far as Motivating Mum and hope I have inspired some of you to start or continue this amazing Lose Baby Weight journey!
I LOVE the plans and recommend them to ALL MUMS to use.

Throughout my weight loss I used

I have found the plans really easy to follow and there is so much support – you can see all the plans here too
Lose baby weight
I have found throughout my Lose Baby Weight journey to health that making goals has really kept me on track.  I’ve made sure to make my goals reachable and attainable to avoid disappointing myself.  Breaking ‘big’ goals down into smaller ones has meant I’ve maintained focus.
Weight loss in 5kg increments, to fit into my size 12 jeans, then size 10, to run 5k’s, to complete all the exercises on the 28 day challenges.  Whatever the goal, it comes with a plan of how to achieve it.  When you reach it, celebrate!! Then set new ones to aim for.    jackiet3
This month is a bit different for me as I’m away from home at my Mum’s for the whole month.  Being a single Mum the break and support is very welcome!  This has meant I’ve had the opportunity to really focus on my exercise and toning.  I’ve joined a gym for the month I’m here to try and keep up with the regular classes I would usually do at home.
I’ve also been making the most of the hills around here for some incline training! I would strongly recommend adding some hills to your walk or run, they’re such a great challenge and certainly get your heart pumping.  I’ve also been doing the Lose Baby Weight 30 Day Tone Your Butt and Thigh Challenge and have tried Rae’s 1-30 Workout. Both of these are amazingly good workouts!!
The food I have had this month has been fantastic! I’ve been cooking a variety of meals from the 28 Day Challenge recipe hub and the spring and summer cookbook.  I love that these recipes are all portion controlled for you, all you have to do is follow the recipe.  They make me feel satisfied yet not stuffed full and I know I am filling myself with wholesome nutritious food.
I’ve also baked a couple of treats from the Guilt Free Chocolate and Baking Book, the blueberry and apple loaf was a huge winner with my son!  This book is a must have! I’m happy to say I’ve also converted my Mum to following Lose Baby Weight recipes with me and she has already lost 2kg!
I’ve been drinking Healthy Mummy Smoothies for lunch every day and proud to say I’ve moved away from my go-to smoothie recipe and have been trying new flavours! So far my favourite have been the Beat the Belly Bloat Smoothie and the Pine lime treat from the 7 Day Junk Food Detox eBook.  I’ve been using the smoothies since I began my Lose Baby Weight journey and I’m still amazed at the energy they give me! I also find I’m never hungry afterwards, they really help keep me on track.
So moving forward from here food wise, I will be starting the 7 Day Junk Food Detox next week and so looking forward to it!  Some of the results I have seen so far from the ladies on the facebook support group have been fantastic! And as always the recipes look totally delicious.
So that’s it from me so far this month.  I’m thoroughly looking forward to what the second half of the month will bring as motivating mum.  Good luck to you all for the rest of February, stay positive, move your body, drink water and enjoy some delicious Lose Baby Weight food! I’m off to do some squats…
Jackie x
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